Video Production Services (Everything You Need to Know)

by Dave

Video production services make professional videos possible through pre and post-production elements and decision making. With videos growing each year to engage with audiences in-person and online, learning the skills to become a video production services professional can help boost a skillset into new heights.

I get asked all the time for tips on how to make a good impression at professional meetings and events. You might have the same question yourself. I think the answer is pretty simple: video production services.

Video production services are a way to showcase an event or project. Video production provides technical assistance in the creation and presentation of a video for professional audiences. Additionally, video production services are available to assist professionals during events, or after activities to share the content with others. The industry of video production continues to grow as more and more professionals utilize video in their presentations.

I want to talk today about the things video production services can offer you. From meetings to major conferences and events, hiring someone to provide you with video production services is a smart and effective professional move to make for your career.

What are Video Production Services?

I see videos being used more and more in the professional world. If you want to market a new product, then you likely want to make a video. I also see a ton of writers using video to connect with their readers and audiences. Likewise, conferences are showing more of their speakers over a video to bring in audiences that can’t make it to the event.

Video production services are the technical elements that make all of these new video resources possible. I don’t necessarily want to participate in the technical aspect of a video I need for work, so what are my options? Overall, the best way to go about getting what you need is by hiring a professional.

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Types of video production services available

I highly recommend Fiverr as a resource for finding quality video production services. If you require a great freelancer, then Fiverr is the easiest and most effective way to hire someone. Here are just a few of the categories I know you can hire for quickly in the video production industry.

Spokespersons Videos

If you have a spokesperson coming to a conference, then you might want to add an element of video production to the presentation. I think a video helps speakers pace their performance effectively. You find a lot of spokespersons using them today, and many hire services on Fiverr.

Slideshow Videos

An excellent presentation usually utilizes Powerpoint or other slideshow software. I think the more effective way to use a slideshow is to turn it into a video. If you want to make a statement with your next speaking engagement, then hiring someone to provide slideshow video production services might be the wow factor you need.

Book Trailers

I don’t want you to think that presentations are the only time you should hire video production services. In fact, authors and self-published writers often utilize book trailers to help market upcoming projects. Finding out about a book via video is an exciting way to get readers ready for what you have coming next.

Whiteboard & Animated Explainers

Looking to find a way to share your knowledge with students or people interested in your field of work? I think one of the most underutilized video production services are whiteboard and animated explainers. They’re useful, informative, and easy to put in popular sites like YouTube.

Website Previews

I love seeing a website preview video when someone is getting ready to debut a new look online. If you are prepared to show a new website off to the public, then giving a sneak peek is a fun way to get everyone excited about what’s to come.

Live-Action Explainers

Not all explainers are animated or written video production services. I love live-action explainers, which you see a lot of on YouTube and webinars. If you want to connect with your audience, then being on the screen makes a big difference.

Become a freelancer and start your first gig today

Do you think you know enough about video production services to be a freelancer? If so, I would recommend you join Fiverr to work in video production services! Firstly, it’s a beautiful way you can make some extra money. Secondly, I know a lot of freelancers who love doing what they do on their schedule. Overall, anyone with the skills should consider joining Fiverr to make extra money and grow their professional experience.

More on video production services and why they are important

If you don’t know anything about video production services, then what’s stopping you? I think everyone interested in video production should take steps to teach themselves the process. If you’re feeling interested, then I want to walk you through a few things to keep in mind about video production services.

Video Production Services Team or Director discussing the scene direction on set of a commercial video production or reportage at a screen

What are the steps in video production?

I think most people underestimate how much work goes into video production services. Whether you work with animation, slides, or live people, there are so many things to consider. Most video producers first start with an outline of the project. From here, I think the next step is usually figuring out the logistics of the video, including people, resources, and the time in which the project is due.

After the first three steps, next comes the element I think most of you don’t know about: post-production. Once the videographer shoots the event, the work is far from over. Video production services occur long after the video is shot or performed. From here, editing and preparing the video for the public takes quite a bit of time.

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What do video production companies do?

I know many freelancers who eventually end up working for a video production services company. There are perks to these companies, and they do quite a bit to help get projects completed. Most video production companies do everything from plan a video shoot and produce the video to help optimize it for viewership and online platforms.

I know some freelancers who don’t like working for a large company, but many who do enjoy the teamwork built into the process. I love working with others, and you might as well, which makes a video production company a possible employer in the future.

Video Production Services Content creator using modern software for video post production in home office during night hours

How much do video production companies charge?

Anytime I weigh whether to hire a company or freelancer for video production services, a considerable influence is their price. If you hire a freelancer, then you usually can pay a little less. I know some people prefer working with large companies, so what does the cost come out to exactly?

Most studios within video production services seem to charge around $100-$200 an hour for work on a project. If you get a younger or newer video production professional, then you can likely pay less. Don’t forget: I always believe you get what you pay for in video production services.

Video Production Services Video production video production background movie clapboard clapperboard

What is a Production Studio?

I might have jumped the gun a bit, talking about production studios. In the industry, you can bypass a single freelancer and hire an entire production studio to work on your videos. Studios employ multiple professionals to work on various aspects of your video at once. I like the option for large scale projects and things of more significance.

A great example of a time I would use a production studio is for an important video at a conference. If you are speaking to hundreds of people, then you likely want the project to go very well. Likewise, a production studio often offers you more resources than a freelancer.

Video Production Services Video production gear on a set big cinema lights and colored gels

How much does video production cost?

I can’t stress enough that video production costs depend on the route you wish to take. If you hire a newer freelancer, then you are going to be able to get a video produced for around $25 an hour in most cases. If you hire an entire production services studio, then the costs are going to be 4 to 6 times that amount per hour.

The easiest way that I prep for finding a video production services freelancer or studio is to know three things. Firstly, I always want to know my budget, which you should have set aside ahead of time. Secondly, you want to know your timeline. The time to get the project done might affect the cost. Lastly, know who you are working with by doing background research. I always ask for samples or proofs of past work, which many have set aside.

Read How to Do It – The 4 Best Books for Video Production

Video Production 12th Edition

Video Production 12th Edition

Can you remember a time you were starting something brand new with no background knowledge? I sure can! It’s daunting to have to learn a new skill and tackle new educational challenges. Luckily, I can think of many people who could easily learn video production services, but just need the right resource.

For the most in-depth introduction to video production services, pick up this great book on best practices and techniques.

From experts in broadcasting to film industry professionals, I love the depth of knowledge this book offers. There are a lot of great resources out there, but this is my favorite to send people who are just getting started in the video production services industry! Take a look and see for yourself!

What Film Schools Don’t Tell You: Your Basic Guide to Making Movies and Finding Good Distribution

What Film Schools Don’t Tell You Your Basic Guide to Making Movies and Finding Good Distribution

Did you know: some people go to university or college for film production? Well, here’s what you won’t learn in a formal film school.

Going to a college or university is always going to be a beneficial experience. There are a lot of great perks to going to film school, and I always believe in taking classes in things you love. Sometimes, taking college classes in person aren’t an option. So, if you’re interested in film school, but you want to learn things on your own, where can you turn?

I think What Film Schools Don’t Tell You: Your Basic Guide to Making Movies and Finding Good Distribution fills that role quite nicely. You might want to find out the basics to video production services, and this is the perfect place to get that information. Plus, as the title says, you will also hear about things that don’t get covered in film school, but are equally helpful.

How to Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck: Advice to Make Any Amateur Look Like a Pro

How to Shoot Video That Doesnt Suck Advice to Make Any Amateur Look Like a Pro

In many ways, shooting a video can actually be the start of the problems associated with video production services. For example, I know countless professionals who always say that shooting often determines the final product. No matter how much someone edits, the base footage gives you what you are meant to work with.

In How to Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck: Advice to Make Any Amateur Look Like a Pro, the best skills you will want to take with you are right here in 248 pages. Countless film school students look for these same lessons in hours and hours of classes. Luckily, I can give you all of that by simply recommending this book.

When shooting a video, I think most want to make it the best process possible. This book shows you how!

The Complete Film Production Handbook

The Complete Film Production Handbook

No matter what work you do in video production services, I think you will benefit from picking up this great resource.

For a long time, film production was seen as separate from general video production services. In the end, video production is the same no matter what role you are playing in the process. I actually think film production and its added elements make it a great learning opportunity. For the best film production handbook on the market, look no further.

In a lot of ways, handbooks have a bad reputation. I know I usually think of handbooks as informational, and not so user-friendly. Well, The Complete Film Production Handbook isn’t like that at all. This amazing tool can help you learn video production services skills quickly and effectively.

Video Production FAQ

I love hearing from people in the comments about what they want to know about video production services. Well, here are some frequently asked questions to help you get a good grasp on what this skill is all about.

What are the steps in video production?

The first step of video production begins with making a plan about what the project will be. Then, scripts and location scouting occur. Next, the actual casting and filming take place. After that, video producers begin the process of looking at what footage they have from the shoot. The editing starts next and usually involves another period of planning to come up with a framework with which to utilize the footage. Finally, the producer optimizes the video for various platforms, and production teams or freelancers work to get the video ready for audiences.

What is video post production?

Video post-production is every task associated with video production services that happen after filming. Firstly, post-production usually begins with the process of viewing all footage taken from the shooting sessions. The next step in video post-production is for the editor to splice together the footage into a cohesive, organized presentation. During post-production, the producer makes most of the significant edits that determine a video’s overall impact. Other than filming, post-production is one of the most crucial parts of the film production process.

What do video production companies do?

Video production companies do a lot to ensure the success of a video. Firstly, most production companies have multiple professionals on staff who work on various elements of the film. Secondly, production companies pool team resources to provide a complete filmmaking process for those with who they work. While the cost of working with a video production company is higher than working with freelancers, the quality of work is never anything of concern. The product of working with a production company on a professional video is always a great option.

What happens during pre-production?

Pre-production is everything that occurs before filming. Firstly, the pre-production process begins with planning out the ideas of the video. Next, professional video producers write an outline and script for the video. From here, producers cast actors or spokespersons if necessary. Next, the final preparations include obtaining all equipment and locations needed to shoot the video. The latter may be the most timely, as producers may require permits and licenses in certain places. Plus, equipment might need to be rented if a producer does not own it themselves.


Video production services provide us with film, TV, instructional lessons, and other videos you and I watch every day. If you want to learn the skills to become a video production services professional or freelancer, then hopefully I have given you some helpful resources.

Overall, people around the world are enjoying and benefiting from video in the digital age. Audiences that you and I are wanting to reach all thrive on content that grabs attention to keep attention, and makes a lasting impact. If you’re going to make an impression in your next presentation or meeting, then consider hiring video production services. Best of all, I think you have what it takes to teach yourself these vital skills. With the courses, books, and resources I mentioned in this article, you can get started on learning video production skills today!

How might video production services help you succeed in your next presentation or meeting? Do you think video production services are a skill you could pursue to improve your professional career?