Space Sciences

Study how astronomers, astrophysicists, and other space scientists use mathematics in understanding and exploring outer space.

Space sciences is a study focused on space exploration and the naturally occurring phenomenon inside our solar system and beyond. From planets and stars to the possibility of life outside of Earth, you and I ponder endless questions about what exists outside of Earth. Considering the subject can lead to many different topics, such as interplanetary geology, biology, and physics. Those who research space go through rigorous learning to understand the subject’s many interests and focuses. The main branches are astronomy, planetary science, astrochemistry, aerospace engineering, and humans and life in space.

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Outstanding Space Scientists

Outstanding Space Scientists (10 Stellar Careers)

What does an astrophysicist, astrobiologist, astronaut, space archeologist, and an exobiologist have in common? One of the most exciting aspects of space sciences is the people involved in it. Find out what makes these scientists so unique. See how their careers can inspire you.

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What are Space Sciences?

Space science is a growing industry pursuing exploration and human understanding of space. From mathematics to engineering, the subject is highly interdisciplinary. Learn all about what different jobs in space science help provide society with knowledge about what’s beyond Earth. Plus, find out what a degree in the field has to offer.

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Current Events in Space Sciences

Current events in space sciences indicate where humanity might be in a few decades in terms of exploration. The technology and innovation within space sciences also impact the world as humans know it. Many discoveries in this field lead to findings in other parts of life as well. Read about the current events in space sciences, making the biggest splash in society today.

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Earth and Space Science (What to Know About Them)

Earth and space science are the subjects explored to discover answers to mysteries of the universe. With several elements beyond humanity’s reach, scientists develop new and inventive ways to see and explore space. Earth studies help inform professionals of the geographic and life-creating principles of a hospitable home for life, aiding in the process. Both are vastly important to the natural sciences.

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White Dwarf Spectra (Fun With Spectra)

Spectra of white dwarfs are valuable to many aspects of research and are used to model the physical properties of white dwarfs. This article provides a detailed analysis of the effects of convection. Using the blackbody radiation theory, we model white dwarfs, determine their spectra, and hypothesize on further projects.

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