Social Sciences

Brush up on your skills and knowledge of applying mathematics to the social sciences to better society and our relationships.

The social sciences aim to understand how human society functions by analyzing various facets from culture and communication to individual psychology and the meaning of sociological relationships. This discipline encompasses multiple fields, including anthropology, economics, education, geography, political science, psychology, and sociology. As a whole, social scientists consider the overarching relationships between people within larger complex entities such as economies, governments, the environment, and countries. And on a personal level, studies show that socialization in humans is a primary influence of happiness, success, and wellness.

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What are the Social Sciences?

The social sciences provide humans with insights into the role relationships and community play in society. The broad range of subjects within the more significant discipline determines what social groups achieve together and what helps them excel. Exploring these subjects aids in increasing the understanding people have of communication, history, and progress. Learn more about this essential subject here.

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About Political Science and Why It Is Important

Many educational programs utilize political science subjects to teach about government and society. By examining politics and its importance to everyone, political science majors develop a sense of why systems and rules exist across local, state, and federal levels. Read more about the subject and how its study can help build an understanding of complex economic and social structures.

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Principles of Social Psychology

Are you looking for a simpler way to teach social psychology? Principles of Social Psychology gives professors a clear path to instructing students in this multidisciplinary topic. Readers will come away with a solid understanding of the concepts that are crucial to this subject.

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Sociology: Understanding and Changing the Social World

Need to learn sociology concepts in a flash? Sociology: Understanding and Changing the Social World is a useful guide for introductory sociology students. The textbook’s learning outcomes include applying sociology concepts to current events and understanding sociological theory.

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The Information Literacy User’s Guide

Do you get overwhelmed by research assignments? There is so much information out there, it can be difficult to find a focus and know where to begin your research. The Information Literacy User’s Guide gives students step-by-step tips for gathering, analyzing, and presenting on any topic.

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Introduction to Sociology 2e

Are you curious about the factors that shape our society? Introduction to Sociology 2e explains the different facets of our social world in a clear, concise way. The textbook is intended for introductory sociology students looking for a broad overview of sociological topics.

A Field Guide for Academic Librarians Librarians at Los Angeles City Central Library scaled 1

A Field Guide for Academic Librarians

Are you a librarian or perhaps looking to get into the field of library science? Well, here is a free book that takes a meaningful look into this exciting field. I also discuss the editors of this book and how their work relates to library science.

Essentials of Geographic Information Systems Geographic information systems gis cartography and mapping Web mapping GIS day scaled 1

Essentials of Geographic Information Systems

Want to extract data from maps in minutes? So many questions about our world can be answered with geographic information systems, or GIS. Essentials of Geographic Information Systems breaks down this extremely useful technology in simple terms for professionals in any field who need an informative map.

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Introduction to Psychology

Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of psychology? Introduction to Psychology lays out important concepts about our psychological make-up. The textbook is perfect for Psychology 101 students and professors looking for a clean, straight-forward teaching tool for introductory classes.

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About Sociology and Why It Is Important

Sociology is the practice of studying behaviors and interactions between humans. Communication is the primary form of sensemaking for the human species. By studying how humans interact, sociologists learn what methods work best to share ideas and information within the human race. Read about the findings and practices that occur within the field of sociology.

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About Psychology and Why It Is Important

The study of psychology continues to teach the public more and more about the human brain. Despite all that is known, many mysteries still exist. Find out what different branches of the subject focus on to increase human understanding of this vital organ. Plus, read about articles and jobs in the study of psychology.

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About Geography and Why It Is Important

The geography of Earth adapts to natural changes as well as human impact. The subject is highly influential in societies and communities’ progress and plays a vital role in human development. Please read about the issue and its two main branches to make drastic changes to the planet.

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About Library Science and Why It Is Essential

Libraries utilize several systems of information sciences to help provide resources and tools to the public. The study of library science grows in importance each year as technology improves to accommodate scholars and citizens’ needs. Explore the history and significance of this historical subject of learning and why it matters to society.

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Current Events in Psychology

Psychology is a popular class in high school and college. The course covers many topics about the brain and helps teach the vital role this organ plays in the body. Keeping up with current events in psychology is a great way to know what’s coming from high-level research. Please read about the essential nature of the brain and how it works among many variables.

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Current Events in Library Science

Library science is a strong field in the sector of information technology. There are many elements to being a librarian that patrons hardly consider. The few things publicly known about the area are likely the result of following news and current events in library science. Here are some of the top findings as of late in the profession.

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Library Science Journals – Which Is Right for You?

Are you interested in library science? Besides dealing with the information itself, library science also works to optimize how people interact and use it. In this article, I discuss library science and detail ten journals that play an essential role in the advancement of library science.

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Outstanding Librarians (10 Phenomenal Careers)

Those working in academic circles are aware of the important role of a librarian in every institution. Large libraries throughout the world have millions of books and other publications, and the staff is in charge of helping the user community through serving their needs. Many libraries have hundreds of employees, including department heads, managers, directors, and assistants. All of them, however, have select outstanding librarians who make these establishments paragons of learning.

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Outstanding Psychologists (10 Phenomenal Careers)

Perhaps you’re interested in being a psychologist? Well, here are ten psychologists (and their short biography) that spotlights their outstanding careers. Learn about them and be inspired to take on one of the most interesting jobs in the business.

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Psychology Topics (5 Described For You)

I describe psychology as the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. In this article, we discuss the history of psychology, including some of its most famous practitioners. We also outline several topics in psychology: clinical, research, social, and learning. Uncover some of the mysteries of psychology.

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