Take in everything in precalculus; you need algebra, trigonometry, and geometry. With these articles and videos, you get the skills you need to succeed.

Precalculus is a mathematics course for high-school or undergraduate students whose primary goal is to prepare students for a calculus course. Topics in precalculus are usually functions, and their graphs followed by polynomial and rational functions. Then exponential and logarithmic functions and a detailed study of trigonometry. In this part, students study right-angle trigonometry, analytic trigonometry, and additional topics in trigonometry. From here, the topics can vary widely. Some topics include systems of equations and inequalities, matrices and determinants, sequences, series, and probability.

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Introduction to Functions and Function Notation Lots of Examples

Introduction to Functions and Function Notation (Lots of Examples) [Video]

In this video I give an introduction to functions by working through several examples. I illustrate functions through the use of diagrams, lists, and equations. Then I demonstrate how to use function notation by working through several examples. I also work through several examples on finding the domain of a function and finding the zeros of a function.

Angles and Their Measure Whats Your Angle

Angles and Their Measure (What’s Your Angle?) [Video]

Do you know what an angle is? I’ll explain the difference between a geometric angle and a trigonometric angle. I’ll go over what angles are, measuring angles, converting between degrees and radians, and the basic types of angles. I then cover the Arc Length formula and the Area of a Sector formula. I work through many examples involving these formulas. Angles and their measures are an essential starting point for any study into trigonometric functions.

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