Nursing Care at the End of Life Nurse holding senior patients hand in hospital closeup Medical assisting scaled 1

Nursing Care at the End of Life

Nursing students, do you worry about handling patients close to death? Nursing Care at the End of Life will equip you with the information and management skills you need to tackle the difficult, and inevitable, situations nurses face. Both students and practicing nurses can benefit from the book’s guidance.

Public Health Ethics A garbage can filled to capacity with single use plastic waste including plastic bottles disposable plastic cups and plastic straws scaled 1

Public Health Ethics: Cases Spanning the Globe

If you’re entering the health field, are you concerned about making decisions that severely impact lives? Public Health Ethics imparts the knowledge you need to prepare for difficult situations. The textbook stresses that health ethics come down to practice, but students and professionals can benefit from reading case studies.

Veterinarian or doctors doing surgery in the clinic medicine pet animals health care and people concept scaled 1

Veterinary Epidemiology: Principles and Methods

Want to take the first step toward becoming a veterinarian? Here’s where you can start. Veterinary Epidemiology: Principles and Methods provides the strong, fundamental knowledge about animal health that you need before you begin treating them.

Anatomy and Physiology Human anatomy and physiology model in the laboratory for education scaled 1

Anatomy and Physiology

Ever can’t help thinking about how the human body functions? From numerous points of view, human morphology and physiology depict that our body is extraordinary. This book is an all-embracing reading and an excellent means for students taking both beginner and middle road anatomy and physiology courses.

Field Trials of Health Interventions Young female intern consulting with other doctor scaled 1

Field Trials of Health Interventions: A Toolbox

Ever wonder how doctors know that certain medical treatments work for certain ailments? Go deeper into this inner world of medicine with Field Trials of Health Interventions. Medical researchers will appreciate the background research, explanations, and wealth of case studies this book provides about discovering health interventions.

Veterinary Science Veterinarian and assistant working in surgery room scaled 1

What Is a Veterinarian?

There are several species of animals that could not survive without humans. Likewise, animals help humans in emotional ways as well as providing resources and food. The bond between people and animals is most durable in the profession of a veterinarian. Find out what the career includes and what education expectations the field holds. Plus, find out what salary and opportunities the job offers.

Nursing Young nurse and teamwork scaled 1

What Is a Nurse?

Nurses are some of the most crucial workers in the healthcare industry. The profession makes up the majority of healthcare providers and helps to save lives each day. Learn more about this vital career and how to become a nurse. Read about the various opportunities in the field and why the industry continues to be in demand.

Medicine Doctor examining a patient x ray scaled 1

About Medicine (A Quick Introduction)

Medicine is an ancient practice that becomes more effective the longer humans study its application. The role of medicinal experts in society is to find ways to cure diseases and treat illness. The quality of life today is mostly a product of the medical industry’s research and progress. Read all about this profession and why it holds much importance in society.

Outstanding Veterinarians scaled 1

Outstanding Veterinarians (10 Inspiring Careers)

Perhaps you are interested in being a veterinarian? Or maybe you’re wondering what types of veterinarians there are? In this article, I spotlight several types and their outstanding careers. For example, working dogs, animal activists, animal veterinarian and astronaut, veterinary educators, and aquatic animal veterinarians are just some of the jobs I discuss. Pickup their story and get inspired by their work.

Current Events in Veterinary Science 1 scaled 1

Current Events in Veterinary Science

Veterinary science is a vital field for animals and humans. Society is very reliant on animals for companionship, food, and labor. Readers who explore this topic discover how these practices operate to increase your appreciation for the animals worldwide. Read more about current events in veterinary science here. Plus, learn about the new technologies and medicines developed in the field.