Review various mathematical articles and videos that show how to practice, utilize, and improve mathematics and mathematical aspects of other fields.

Mathematics is an abstract field in which numbers help calculate questions of quantity, time, and space. No matter who you are, you’ve probably studied some math subjects in your life. After all, being mathematical gives your mind a workout and makes it stronger. Mathematics is in everything we do and all around us. It is the building block for almost everything in our everyday lives, such as mobile devices, art, architecture, engineering, politics, and even sports. Math unlocks answers to many of life’s most important questions and mysteries. Individuals must know how to use math to reach reasonable conclusions. Without math, a variety of core elements of human life would go unknown and unexplored.

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Applied Mathematics Journals Mathematician watching formulas

Applied Mathematics Journals (Explained For You)

There are so many applied math journals out there; how can you keep track of them all? How do they relate to each other, what types of research does each one represent? Who should use applied mathematics journals to publish their work? And how do they work? In this article, I go over these questions by listing many applied mathematics journals and going over each one.

Math Topics back view of man standing in dark grey room whose walls are painted different formulas

Math Topics (A Condensed Guide to Mathematics)

I wrote this article for those with a beginning interest in mathematics. Here I explain some of the primary areas of mathematics by grouping them into math topics and then discussing each one. This organization is only a broad overview, though I hope it helps you find your specific area of interest.

About Mathematics and Why It Is Essential Math abstract Fractal

About Mathematics and Why It Is Essential

Mathematics uses numbers as a language to explore some of the world’s most complex theories and problems. Children in school associate math with difficulty or confusion. With proper study, the subject can become an exciting way to view the world. Read all about the topic and its many branches.

Classical Mathematics Seven Bridges of Konigsberg

Classical Mathematics (a Look Into Its History and Fields)

In this article, I take a look at classic mathematics. I discuss intuitionism and constructivism and the uses of classical mathematics throughout time. Then, from the Islamic Golden age to European developments, I review some of its histories. I also briefly explain some of the elementary fields of classic mathematics. In the end, mathematics concerns itself with the search for truth.

We Do Math Video

We Do Math (The Rise of Mathematics) [Video]

This video takes the viewer on a journey where the focus is on mathematics. At the beginning of the video, I give my opinion that mathematics is “our way of thinking.” From here, we see how mathematics has made profound changes throughout history. Our ability to apply our way of thinking to ourselves keeps changing what mathematics is and thus ourselves.

Notes on Diffy Qs Happy young university students studying with books and laptops in library scaled 1

Notes on Diffy Qs: Differential Equations for Engineers

Notes on Diffy Qs is an engineer’s guide to differential equations. The book is suited for engineering students taking their first course on “diffy Qs.” Each chapter breaks down these topics into several lessons for students to digest. Plus, Notes on Diffy Qs offers multiple techniques for understanding and using differential equations. Check this open access textbook to see if it’s for you.

Fundamental Methods of Logic Portrait of beautiful woman thinking with hand on her chin scaled 1

Fundamental Methods of Logic

Knachel’s book “Fundamental Methods of Logic” is a must-read for philosophy students. Check out this open-access textbook that gives readers plenty of examples to deepen their understanding.

Current Events in Mathematics 1 scaled 1

Current Events in Mathematics

Mathematics is the study of numbers and their practicality in solving mysteries of the world. Current events in this subject help to uncover the true meaning of the discipline. Many who dislike math don’t truly understand what it accomplishes or aims to discover. By focusing on current events, students and professionals alike show why math is such a force in society.

Outstanding Mathematicians scaled 1

Outstanding Mathematicians (10 Phenomenal Careers)

Discover some of the exciting mathematicians who are making remarkable advances in mathematics. These mathematicians make real progress from elliptic curves, geometric group theory, mathematical physics, differential geometry, and complex and arithmetic dynamics. Learn about them and be inspired to take on one of the most challenging jobs in the world.

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