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Becoming a Journalist (Important Steps)

Journalists are some of the most dedicated professionals who work in the form of public service. Becoming a journalist takes a balance of education and experience in the field. The process can take years before someone finds great success. Still, many students study to become a journalist each year. Find out why this profession is so vital and how to get started.

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Important Qualities of a Journalist

Journalists are professionals who follow a strict code of rules and regulations. Those expectations changed over time, but the idea behind the discipline is a dedication to truth and access to information. Find out what qualities are vital to working as a journalist. Take a look at the history of journalistic values and why these morals help guide the profession even today.

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Current Events in Journalism

Journalism impacts society in ways that are well-known as well as harder to recognize. The fact that the internet prevents people from finding factual news puts an even higher impact on this industry. Reporters play a crucial role in keeping institutions and governments in check. Read about current events in journalism here, and explore the study of news reporting.

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Outstanding Journalists (10 Phenomenal Careers)

Journalism is a career that many people understand what it is but do not have any idea how challenging it can be. The fact is, most people learn how to write and to tell stories. To find out what makes these journalists so exciting, what makes them exceptional, read on.