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About History and Why It Is Important

If history repeats itself, then how does society keep from making the same mistakes? In many ways, the past informs the present and future, and studying significant events and decisions from decades ago can help make the future look brighter. Read why the study of history is a vital branch of the humanities.

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About Theology and Why It Is Important

Theology holds importance and value to existential questions about human life. Theology has many types, and their study help to present faith as an avenue with which to approach God and existence.

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About the Performing Arts and Why They Are Important

Performing arts exist across all cultures, and the types and characteristics of these arts provide numerous benefits. The importance of performing arts exists as a means of making human communication more engaging.

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About Literature and Why It Is Important

Literature moves readers through the masterful use of language. The study of these works holds much value and importance in society. Discover the works and meaning of literature as an art form involving speech and writing.

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About Languages and Why They Are Important

Languages help humans to share ideas and emotions. Studying these languages helps to unlock the species’ elements and develop better knowledge about human communication.

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About Law and Why It Is Important (Eight Types)

The law helps to organize society from separate parts to an interwoven whole. Without the law, the value and safety communities rely on would not be possible. Find out more about the use of the institution and why it’s so important to everyone.

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What are the Humanities?

The humanities, including history, language, law, literature, performing arts, philosophy, theology, and visual arts, play a significant role in understanding society. This page provides readers of various levels with information and additional resources on the humanities that are great for self-study and career advancement.

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What is a Professional?

To be a professional means being a part of and making a living from a specific career activity due to having expertise in the field. Some popular professional areas include business, writing, medicine, and technology. Links to articles and courses here provide knowledge and experience perfect for supplementing traditional courses or carrying out self-learning.

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Outstanding Philosophers (10 Inspiring Careers)

Do you think that philosopher is a career choice that only applied to ancient times? Have you ever wondered where a philosopher might work? Here are ten contemporary philosophers and explanations of their remarkable careers. Read about them and be inspired to learn more about the love of learning.

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Metaethics from a First-Person Standpoint

Having trouble understanding metaethics concepts? Metaethics from a First Person Standpoint will offer a fresh perspective for the confused but curious philosophy student. Unlike traditional textbooks, Metaethics from a First Person Standpoint dictates in novel format what “right” and “wrong” could really mean.