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Learning to Learn (What It Is and How to Do It)

In this article, I go over what Learning to Learn is and why it matters. I also discuss for you tackling procrastination and how to unlock your potential. After that, I discuss books and courses on Learning How to Learn, and in the end, I discuss how Dave4Math can help you with your educational goals.

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Blueprint for Success in College and Career

Dillon’s book is open-access and is an excellent read for planning a fulfilling career. Many people can find this path daunting, from high school to college, to a job. This book is a perfect gift for high school graduates. After all, you cannot study well without living well.

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Education for a Digital World

Are you an educator who needs practical advice and reference materials for teaching in our modern world? How did technology make its way into the educational world, and what are its impacts? What problems has it helped to solve around the world? This open-access textbook explains these questions.

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About Education and Why It Is Important

Every school in the world exists as a means of education. The institution of learning is one of the most universally renowned areas of interest for children and adults. Find out what importance education holds for society and different ways to use books and journals to explore the subject.

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Current Events in Education

Education plays a vital role in people’s lives across the world—society benefits from the growth that occurs when people take time to learn new skills and theories. Finding ways to promote education can help encourage others to take up the task as well. Read about current events in this field to better understand the importance of education.

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Online Courses (Enhance Your Education Today)

Online courses offer a great alternative to students whose traditional college education has been interrupted for various reasons. Online courses are available whenever and wherever you are and cost a fraction of a typical college course. Learn about the online courses offered and how they can help you supplement your education.

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Online Learning (and What It Can Do for You)

The impacts of technology are felt in all areas of modern life, including education. Technology has made it possible for students to learn remotely instead of being physically present in a class. Online learning is having a significant impact on students everywhere. Learn about the various means of online learning and their advantages.

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Math Homework Help (Algebra for Parents)

Are you one of the many parents who think they can’t help their child with math homework, especially algebra? This article will give you an overview of the importance of algebra and some tips for solving algebra problems. We will also provide some tools you can use to help your student with their algebra homework.

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Education Journals (The Methodologies and Aims)

This article is an introduction to education journals and research. I go through a long list of journals and discuss their area of research and their typical methods. I also discuss paywalls and finding free access options. There are about 45 research journals, each one described here.

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Outstanding Teachers (10 Phenomenal Careers)

Education is a career that many people realize what it is but do not have any idea how complex it can be. The fact is, everyone has worked with a teacher at some point in their life. To find out what makes these educators so exciting, what makes them exceptional, read on.