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Principles of Economics

Do you wish you knew more about the economy? Principles of Economics can help give you a deeper understanding of how the world’s financial systems work. The textbook is intended for introductory and intermediate economic students and covers a wide range of topics.

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Economics: Theory Through Applications

Want to know how the economy really works, or at least take control of your own finances? Economics: Theory Through Applications will take you through the process with ease. The textbook was written for economics students and those beginning their first foray into the field.

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About Economics and Why It Is Important

Economics impacts the lives of every citizen in society. The ways different countries organize transactions of goods and services dictate essential elements of their governing. Read all about the types of economics and why each subject plays a vital role in national and international relations.

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Economics Topics: 21 Subjects Briefly Explained

Economics is a vast discipline with many sub-disciplines. In this article, I classify economic topics into broad categories and then briefly explain each topic. The broad categories are historical perspectives, modern problems, mathematical areas, country, scientific, law, personalities economics, and business and commerce. Find the topic that inspires you.

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The History and Branches of Economics

In this article, I consider trying to understand what economics is. Then I discuss some of the main theories throughout the history of economics. The main branches of economics are two very different and diverse areas; macroeconomics and microeconomics. I also examine other important branches of economics.

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Outstanding Economists (10 Phenomenal Careers)

Distinguished economists work to apply many past theories to current situations. In this article, I spotlight economist in the fields: financial management, global economy, government economics research, solutions for global poverty, and many others. Find out which economist inspires you.

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What is Economics? (Summary and Student’s Guide)

Are you looking to understand what economics is? In this article, I begin with a historical summary of economics. Towards the end, I discuss the global economy. As the global economy grows, many things are changing in the world of economics. Find out what inspires you.

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Current Events in Economics

Economics is often relevant to most current events and news making headlines. The best part of economics isn’t that it helps society function more appropriately. Instead, it’s a subject rooted in data and evidence to make informed claims. Improved critical thinking comes from understanding this topic more adequately. Read about current events in economics to explore the subject.