Earth Sciences

Improve your understanding of how geologists and other earth scientists apply mathematics to the benefit our planet.

Earth science is the branch of study concerned with the natural construction of the planet. As an academic subject, earth science is broad and has extensive disciplines. There are four main spheres (in terms of our world): lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere. However, areas can involve the study of other planets in space as well. Because of our planet’s importance to us, this field is growing very fast and is expected to grow 5% per year over the next ten years. Staying up-to-date with recent events and successful earth scientists can be difficult.

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Current Events in Earth Sciences

Readers of current events in earth science explore the subject and cover many unique and exciting topics. There are several ways to learn more about this discipline. Finding ways to engage with earth science topics is easiest for those outside the profession when studying the newest research and findings. Read more about these current events in earth sciences here.

Living with Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest Seismographs recording earthquakes on the sheet of measuring paper Seismological device for measuring earthquakes scaled 1

Living with Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest

Do you live in the Pacific Northwest? This open-access textbook published by Oregon State will offer advice on earthquake insurance, keeping your home structurally sound, and more. This text provides vital information for earthquake preparation.

Laboratory Manual for Introductory Geology A hiker in Death Valley National Park Geology sand scaled 1

Laboratory Manual for Introductory Geology

Are you excited about geology? Laboratory Manual for Introductory Geology is a supplemental textbook that offers dozens of exercises. The guide is useful for first-time geology college students and professors developing lesson plans.

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Astronomy by OpenStax

Are you interested in astronomy? Thus open-access textbook published by OpenStax gets into the aspects of outer space that we have come to understand over the centuries. You know stars, galaxies, and cosmology. Read how this text can help you thoroughly enjoy astronomy.

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What are the Earth Sciences?

Earth science helps to discover different elements of the planet’s makeup. Scientists offer answers to the mysteries that lay beneath and above the planet’s surface through research and fieldwork. Read about the field of study, and learn what goes into the different branches of the subject. Plus, discover what Earth scientists focus on during modern research.

Environmental Science scaled 1

Environmental Science: Modern Fundamentals

Environmental science is a road map to today’s most significant threats to the Earth. From natural, observable issues to discoveries through research, environmental science helps teach humanity about the planet on which the species lives. Read about modern applications and fundamentals surrounding ecological science. Explore what makes this such a vital subject to study and discover new things about the topic.

Earth and Space Science scaled 1

Earth and Space Science (What to Know About Them)

Earth and space science are the subjects explored to discover answers to mysteries of the universe. With several elements beyond humanity’s reach, scientists develop new and inventive ways to see and explore space. Earth studies help inform professionals of the geographic and life-creating principles of a hospitable home for life, aiding in the process. Both are vastly important to the natural sciences.

Earth Science Topics Nature and landscapes of Antarctica A travel on the scientific vessel Studying of a phenomenon of global warming Thawing and reduction of the area of glaciers scaled 1

Earth Science Topics: 22 Subjects Briefly Explained

Like many fields of study, Earth science is full of various topics in which researchers focus on a single aspect of the research to learn more. Across all Earth science topics, students and researchers alike discover new things about the planet to increase the general understanding of the universe. Read about the different areas within Earth science to explore the study.

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Earth Science Definition Put Simply

Earth science sounds simple enough, but several individual subjects fall under this broader category. Researchers study everything from rocks to the sky to understand the elements and minerals that make up the planet. Take a journey through the definition and meaning of Earth science to discover its significance. Plus, find out why each area contributes to the greater field.

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Geoscience Attributes and Applications

The field of geoscience is a particular form of earth sciences interested in interdisciplinary research. By combining efforts across experts of the atmosphere, oceans, and geology of the Earth, geoscience discovers several vital aspects of the planet. Read about why this area of study is so essential to our understanding of the Earth’s history and future.

Earth Science Fairs and Projects Innovative technologies in science and medicine Technology to connect The concept of security Holding glowing planet earth scaled 1

Earth Science Fairs and Projects

Science fairs are a dynamic space where students can apply their knowledge to exciting applications of the subject. While many overlook the topic of Earth science at these fairs, it’s an excellent way to demonstrate an understanding of the planet. Read why Earth science fairs and projects can be highly educational and beneficial to students.

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Geology Careers for the Modern Geologist

A career in geology is much more than studying rocks and natural formation in the Earth. As experts of a primary area of the natural sciences, geologists enjoy numerous benefits, impressive salaries, and exciting job opportunities. Explore why a geology career can be an excellent field to study and eventually in which to work. Plus, find out about the job openings in the area.

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Earth Science Degree (Opportunities Abound)

Many students who study earth science believe their career options only apply to a set of roles and jobs. Many earth science degree holders find themselves available to fit several career opportunities. Find out why this specialized career field is beneficial to study and pursue in college. Also, learn about the salary expectations for these professionals.

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Recent Earth Science Discoveries

Earth science discoveries tell humans a lot about what’s happening on Earth and what might cause it harm. From climate change to ocean threats and volcanoes, the world of Earth science discoveries never ends. Find out more about recent research in this vital field. Read what issues or topics might be critical to the next decade.

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Outstanding Earth Scientists (10 Phenomenal Careers)

Earth scientists excel at the structure, composition, and history of the planet. These professionals work in various organizations, from academic institutions and corporations to federal, state, and local governments. Read about these ten outstanding Earth scientists and how they can inspire you.

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