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About Computer Science and Why It Is Essential

Computer science is the study of what computer applications can do for society. A degree in the field offers several opportunities for jobs and areas of application. The growing influence of digital technology makes computer science one of the most important subjects today. Learn about the history and importance of this field.

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Current Events in Computer Science

Computer science is an expanding field of study that involves several technological considerations. There are so many studies and research projects contributing to daily life each day. From work on supercomputers to mobile phones, find out how current computer science events impact the world each day. Plus, explore the subject further in a meaningful way.

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Outstanding Computer Scientists (10 Unique Careers)

Everyone today is in some way or another familiar with the products that computer scientists develop. Whether it’s a personal computer, a mobile device, or using the internet, our modern society relies on computer scientists. Find out what makes these computer scientists want to change the world.

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Computer Science History (and Branches)

Find out how computer science began and how it has developed into the many branches you see today. Form artificial intelligence, computer graphics, formal methods, wireless computing, and so many disciplines in between, computer science has exploded in the last few decades.

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Applications For Artificial Intelligence

Do you think that A.I. will take over one day? Not soon. Meanwhile, read about the applications for artificial intelligence: including machine learning, deep learning, the life sciences, and the future. I’m mean, will artificial intelligence allow humans to become digital beings?

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What is Computer Science? (Historical Summary)

What are the different branches and fields of computer science? In this article, I examine this question and explain what computer science is and discuss some of its applications? Find out about the future of computer science and how it changes our lives each day.

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Building Blocks of Data Science

Where and when did data science begin? This article discusses the five building blocks of data science: algorithms, mathematics, statistics, and finance, and people. Find out how organizations can use this information to gain ground in the technology race.

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Data in the Modern World (Summary)

Data, data, data, it’s all about the data. How do we gather data, organize data, retrieve data, analyze data, visualize data, and present our conclusions based on data? In this article, I review these questions and discuss data engineering, data mining, and databases.