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Outstanding Chemists (10 Phenomenal Careers)

Learn about some of the exciting chemists who are making remarkable advances in the field. These chemists make an essential difference from nanotechnology, organic chemist, reusable energy nanomaterials, and biopharmaceuticals. See how their careers make the world a better place.

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Chemistry 2e

This open-access textbook on chemistry is for beginners and intermediate students. It covers the basic concepts for first-year students. Find out if chemistry is for you.

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General Chemistry: Principles, Patterns, and Applications

This open-access textbook from the Saylor Foundation may be just what you need. Find out about general chemistry and its principles, patterns, and applications. This textbook will help you understand what chemistry is all about.

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About Chemistry and Why It Is Important

Chemistry includes the study of all of the natural world’s most basic building blocks. There are remarkably many natural world details that still teach researchers more about the planet and life. Discover the topics and branches of chemistry. Plus, learn about articles and books that help introduce newcomers to the subject.

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What is Chemistry? (History and Branches)

In this article, I take the reader on a brief journey to discover how chemistry came about. I also look at the modern versions of chemistry with its many branches. Towards the end, I discuss current trends in chemistry. So, let’s find out how chemistry can change your life.

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Current Events in Chemistry

Chemistry is a widely regarded field, but not everyone knows what the study of this science entails. To help audiences outside of academics keep up with research, current events in chemistry, and research news, I support disseminating to a broader audience. Read about this form of learning why chemistry is so impactful.

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Chemistry Topics (Explained for You)

How many sub-disciplines of chemistry do you think there are? Wow, there are many. I broadly categorize them into stater chemistry topics, topics related to space and the atmosphere, topics related to biology, physical chemistry, and topics in computation sand computers. Look for the ones you find interesting.