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What is Biology? A Must Read Introduction

Everyone knows what biology is, right? Well, there are many branches in biology that you may never have heard of. What are these sub-disciplines, and how did they get started? In this article, I consider biology’s history, and towards the end, I overview what biology is today.

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Current Events in Biology

When research takes place in biology, two experts can be working on two different things. That’s because the field of biology and its current events cover a wide variety of topics and subjects. Read about the various ways biology is in the news and what the latest findings have to say about the future of living things.

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Outstanding Biologists (10 Phenomenal Careers)

Read about some of the fascinating biologists who are making advances in biology. From stem cell research, the biology of cancer cells, neurological disease research, and molecular evolution, these biologists make an enormous difference. Get inspired by their performance and see how a career in biology makes the world a better place.

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Animals and Ethics 101

Want to understand more about animal rights? Animals & Ethics 101 has you included. The textbook has excellent essential thinking exercises for philosophy college students and must-study for those analyzing veterinary science.

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Basic Cell and Molecular Biology

Are you looking to find out if cellular and molecular biology is for you? Or are you looking to sink your teeth into the finer details? This open-access textbook: Basic Cell and Molecular Biology, allows you the opportunity to answer these questions without a fee. This excellent textbook can be your guide through your study of biology.

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Concepts of Biology

Do you need an introduction to biology? This textbook, Concepts of Biology, is for beginning students and covers the six prominent biology topics. How is this textbook structured? Is it organized for students to easily understand and follow? Find out in this quick review of this open-access textbook from OpenStax.

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About Biology and Why It Is Essential

The study of all living things is known as biology, and experts see it as one of the most fundamental research subjects in the natural sciences. Learn about biology, its branches, and the importance of this study for human life and other creatures on Earth. Plus, find out what careers exist for students of the subject.

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Biology Topics (Explained For You)

Wow! Did you know how many sub-disciplines there are in biology? Some topics cover the bigger picture, and there are topics on small biology, anatomy and health, and macro-organism topics. There are numerous interdisciplinary sub-disciplines, historical biology fields, and multiple branches on development and growth. Read about the many others also discussed.