Delve into how people use mathematics in anthropology to understand human behavior, human societies, and their development better.

Anthropology is the study of human progress throughout history. This discipline has four main subdivisions: biological,  archaeological, sociocultural, and linguistic. For instance, anthropologists study human language, early learning, societies, biology, the material remains, and humans and primates’ general habits over time. Anthropology seeks the answers to the ever-growing list of questions. For example, what causes mass extinctions in parts of the world throughout human history? Where do advanced civilizations go, like the Mayans? Keeping up with current events and successful anthropologists can be challenging.

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The Art of Being Human A Textbook for Cultural Anthropology Statue figures exhibited in the National Museum of Anthropology Mexico City scaled 1

The Art of Being Human: Textbook for Cultural Anthropology

Do you wonder how people live across the globe? What are the best places, the cheapest places, the safest places to live? With this textbook, you will be challenged, and you will learn cultural anthropology. So begin your journey (with these ten lessons) to understanding yourself and the world around you.

An Open Invitation to Cultural Anthropology The National Museum of Anthropology at Chapultepec Park in Mexico City 2 scaled 1

An Open Invitation to Cultural Anthropology

Is it accurate to say that you seek new perspectives toward human studies? An Open Invitation to Cultural Anthropology is an assortment of papers by a few distinct worldwide anthropologists. The book is an incredible text for beginners and teachers who need to see their educational plan wake up.

Anthropology Rock paintings with magnifier on paper close up scaled 1

About Anthropology and Why It Is Important

Anthropology explores the types of progress made throughout human history. Different jobs come with a degree in the field and help contribute to society’s knowledge of the species’ evolution. Find out more about this exciting social science and why the subject earns acclaim across many academic fields and studies.

Archaeological Anthropology 1 scaled 1

Archaeological Anthropology (A Must Read Introduction)

What is archaeological anthropology, and what does it study? Who are some well-known archaeological anthropologists, and what are some fascinating archaeological anthropology finds? What are some career options in this field? Find out now.

Cultural Anthropology Studies 1 scaled 1

Cultural Anthropology Studies (A Look Into)

So what exactly is cultural anthropology? How do you go about studying in this discipline? I answer these questions and consider some well-known cultural anthropologists. I also review the methodology involved in cultural anthropology studies and further report on future cultural anthropology advances.

What is Sociocultural Anthropology 1 scaled 1

What is Sociocultural Anthropology? (An Introduction)

How is research in sociocultural anthropology carried out? What are the areas of focus? I also discuss the history of this discipline as well as famous anthropologists and their work. Towards the end, I review careers in the field.

What is Biological Anthropology 1 scaled 1

What Is Biological Anthropology?

In this article, I discuss fascinating biological anthropology finds, and I examine famous biological anthropology minds. I also consider the early history of this discipline as a science. And, towards the end, you will wonder about the future of biological anthropology.

Fields of Anthropology 1 scaled 1

Fields of Anthropology (An Introduction)

How many fields of anthropology are there? How are they distinguished from each other? I answer these questions and discuss the history of anthropology. So, you just found an exciting overview of anthropology that is sure to intrigue on many levels.

History of Anthropology 1 scaled 1

History of Anthropology (Introduction)

What does the history of anthropology focus on? Who are the influential people in the history of anthropology? I answer these questions and review the different branches of this discipline. In the end, I address the question about what remains unknown.

Outstanding Anthropologists scaled 1

Outstanding Anthropologists (10 Phenomenal Careers)

Read about some of the outstanding anthropologists who are making strides to advance anthropology. A digital anthropologist, cultural anthropologist, paleoanthropologist, medical anthropologist, and global anthropologist are just some of the types of experts we discuss. See how their careers can inspire you.

What Is Linguistic Anthropology 1 scaled 1

What Is Linguistic Anthropology? (Importance)

In this article, we find out what linguistic anthropology is and what researchers have discovered so far. I consider the history of the three linguistic paradigms and spotlight some of the most famous linguistic anthropologists. Toward the end, I discuss the areas of interest in this discipline.

Current Events in Anthropology 1 scaled 1

Current Events in Anthropology

Anthropology is an excellent subject because it involves so many different disciplines. This combination of studies can focus on humans, society, and culture to determine what makes the species unique. Find out what current events in anthropology are yielding in terms of research findings. Plus, learn more about the subject by following its trends.

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