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What Is an Actuary?

Actuaries work to analyze the risk everyone experiences in daily life. From threats to cars and houses to actual human danger, the profession puts statistics behind everyday life threats. Learn more about this profession and what makes it so crucial to our lives. Plus, explore articles and topics on the subject.

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About Statistics and Why It Is Important

Statistics are present in almost every aspect of life. As a primary form of mathematical analysis, statistical data influences everything from insurance rates to consumer economics. Learn more about why statistics careers are fun and highly coveted among professionals.

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Risk Management for Enterprises and Individuals

Is it true that you are thinking about a dangerous choice? Facing challenges can be difficult and even essential to happiness. Be that as it may, it can likewise prompt shocking consequences. Danger Management for Enterprises and Individuals is for anybody wanting to keep away from the ruins of uncertainty.

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Outstanding Actuarial Scientists (10 Great Careers)

Perhaps you’re interested in being an actuary, or maybe you’re wondering if any actuaries are being recognized for their work? Well, here are ten actuaries and their bio that spotlights their outstanding career. Learn about them and be inspired to take on one of the most exciting jobs in the industry.

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Strength in Numbers

This review of the short book Strength in Numbers: An In-Depth Look at Actuarial Science for Math Enthusiasts by Chloe Hung summarizes the book and provides thoughts by a credentialed actuary. Learn what actuarial science is, what actuaries do, and why it all matters. Those interested in math or actuarial science will find something interesting in this book.

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Actuarial Science History (What Do Actuaries Do?)

The actuarial profession typically ranks high on lists of high-paying jobs. But what is an actuary, and what is actuarial science? This article provides a brief history of actuarial science and an introduction to the work of actuaries. From ancient shipping routes to modern securities trading, learn how actuarial science helps measure and manage risk.

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Actuarial Science Journals (Differences)

A rundown of around 60 actuarial science journals that interest statisticians. These publications can be identified as either actuarial, assurance, or financial journals. The more significant part of these journals is peer-investigated, and a portion of these journals are open access. The historical backdrop of actuarial science is itemized and novel. There are a ton of incredible hypotheses and discoveries from the field’s exploration.

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Actuarial Societies and Organizations (Explained)

Like any field of inquiry, actuarial science experts and scholars partake in and join associations. Also, actuarial societies contribute incredibly to the range of information in actuarial science. As it were, joining an organization has a substantial advantage to experts and scholastics and beginners. All in all, what kind of gatherings are there for actuarial scientists? Indeed, there are many.

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Actuarial Science as a Profession (Importance)

Actuarial science is about risk investigation to businesses from the dangers related to vulnerabilities throughout everyday life. Actuarial science as a field is helpful in the evaluation of risk. Protection suppliers in the property, well-being, and setback sectors need experienced statisticians to decide protection strategy costs concerning the supplier’s risks to guarantee that the strategy doesn’t cause misfortunes. Here is a rundown of reasons that makes actuarial science a remarkable vocation.

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Current Events in Actuarial Science

Actuarial science is a crucial industry in which experts assess a business, finance, and other industries. Current events in this field can help teach audiences what the job entails and why it is vital. Read about recent events in actuarial science to find out what critical elements the position plays in society. Plus, discover what trends occur in the industry.