Dave’s Math Services

For each of my services, I design it to make a difference in someone’s life. In other words, I intend these services to be helpful. But I also enjoy doing these jobs! In other words, I love reading, educating, and doing mathematics.

Math Solutions (Step-by-Step Solutions to Your Problems)

Get ready to have your math problems solved. Now you can check every step of your work and not just the answer. With Math Solutions, Dave will show you how to solve YOUR problems step-by-step. With this service, you immediately improve your understanding and gain confidence in your work. Yes, math confidence! You can have it too!

Math Solutions (Step-by-Step Solutions to Your Problems)
Math Videos Custom Made Videos For Your Problems Watch listen understand teach learn knowledge training lead typography leadership patience education

Math Videos (Custom Made Videos For Your Problems)

Do you get more from reading your textbook or from watching a lecture? An outstanding math lecture is worth millions of written words. With Math Videos, Dave creates a custom math video containing the problems you send in. With step-by-step solutions, Dave will educate you on how to solve your problems. So get inspired by mathematics today!

Orders usually start within 24 hours.

LaTeX Typesetting (Trusted, Fast, and Accurate)

Everyone knows that time is money, and your time is valuable. Why spend your time typesetting your work when you can be creating more of it? With LaTeX Typesetting, Dave will typeset your handwritten work into a LaTeX document for you to edit. Dave is fast, accurate, and is easy to communicate with. Get your work done faster!

LaTeX Graphics (Custom Graphics Using TikZ AND PGFPlots)

Let’s face it; learning TikZ and PGF is time-consuming. They have steep learning curves. However, the quality and precision of the graphics you can produce with these languages are spectacular. With LaTeX Graphics, Dave will quickly write the code for you to use in your LaTeX document. In the age of self-publishing, it is nice to know you can get the professionalism you need without the commitment of a publisher.

Math Services FAQ

What is the money-back guarantee?

I have a 30-day money-back guarantee. From the date that you placed an order, you have 30 days to request your money reimbursed. This 30-day time period includes the time it takes to complete the order. Here is the guarantee: if you are not completely satisfied, then you will receive your money back.

How fast can you help? When do I pay? Who are you?

Usually the order is started within 24 hours. Unfortunately, I can not start on an order until I receive payment due to the amount of internet fraud. I have a BS and MS in Mathematics, and I have over 20 years of classroom teaching experience at either a college or university. Here is some feedback from my former students.

How many hours does it take to do a job?

Yes, this a common question. Place an email to me at dave@dave4math.com so that you can get an estimate. You will be asked to email your documents during your free consultation.

Can I trust you?

It is in my best interest to perform well for you and have you be another happy customer. I not only want you to be successful but also to use my service many times. I’m also hoping that you share this service with your friends. Moreover, you can read my blog, where I have hundreds of articles published to help you, and you can watch my YouTube math channel.