Proofreading Services (Everything You Need to Know)

by Dave

Proofreading services provide writers with a fantastic tool at their disposal. The best books and articles go through rigorous writing and editing proofreading processes. There are many elements to proofreading that make the world of writing go round and run smoothly.

You know a great book when you read one. I can think of one thing which immediately disqualifies a book from being good to you: spelling and grammar errors. Instantly, an author loses credibility. That’s why proofreading services are essential.

Proofreading services offer more than just spelling checks and grammar fixes. A comprehnsive proofreader will work to provide a book or article the best formatting and professionalism for words and formatting. In the eBook world, a lot of little idiosyncrasies exist to make a book look good on eReading and digital devices. Any author needing a bit of help in completing a book or article can greatly benefit from proofreading services.

I know nothing ruins a read for me like bad proofreading. You notice it right away: formatting issues, spelling errors, or just downright confusing writing. If you want to avoid these mistakes, then hiring someone to help with proofreading services can really be a difference-maker.

What are Proofreading Services?

The most accomplished authors utilize proofreading professionals, and you should too.

I wouldn’t think of submitting a final copy of something to a website or the Amazon marketplace without them. The key to a great book is a clean, crisp format and presentation. Proofreading experts make sure this happens, and no matter how great of a writer you are, it’s helpful to have a professional assist you.

When it comes to hiring a proofreader, I know what your primary concern is: cost. Every author has the same question: can I actually afford someone to help me? Luckily, I can tell you proofreading services are quite affordable. Plus, you don’t pay less for a weaker service thanks to freelancing sites like Fiverr.

With thousands of professionals waiting to assist you, you can find the right fit for the right price. That way, you can find your way to a complete, professional eBook or article.

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Types of proofreading services available

I recommend Fiverr to just about everyone. I think it’s the best way to get expert work for a cost you can afford. If you want to hire someone to provide you with proofreading services, then you won’t find a better website. In fact, you can find professional help in a number of proofreading categories.


A great way to start with proofreading help is simple feedback. While the word may seem simple, there’s a lot that goes into feedback from a professional. From this stage, you can find out what weak spots a real expert sees in your work. From there, they can offer you help in those areas. If they don’t do that sort of work themselves, then you can likely get a referral to someone who does. If they don’t give you a recommendation, then find another expert on Fiverr.

Grammar & Syntax Review

Bad sentence structure is just as distracting for a reader as bad grammar. Firstly, a great proofreading expert can give you both in grammar and syntax review services. I think that spelling help is good, but syntax assistance is great. Every author needs to consider what sort of reader experience they are providing. If you want to increase the experience of your reader, then a grammar and syntax review can go a long way.

Print Layout

Everyone knows most writing happens on a computer, and in many cases, digital word processors. If you write something on a computer, then it will not look the same in print. Overall, things like margins, indents, and other elements of printed texts play a vital role in the final product. By hiring someone to help, you can avoid any printing errors.

Structural Edit

Each word and sentence makes up larger parts of a book. If you want to be extremely clear and concise with your work, then structural editing is a must. Firstly, structure can be the difference between a good book and a great book. Plus, you need structural editing to make sure each page combines into a great final product. If you want a perfect book, then hire a structural editor to assist your efforts.

Become a freelancer and start your first gig today

If you know how to provide proofreading services, then good news! I think you might be able to make a little extra money on Fiverr. In short, experts in proofreading and editing can become freelancers to achieve a few goals. Firstly, you can make extra money, Secondly, you can actually improve your skills by working on more editing projects. Lastly, you can provide authors with a necessary service to improve their experience.

More on proofreading services and why they are important

Overall, proofreading services allow authors the peace of mind they need to publish work. If you take the advice of a professional proofreader, then your final product is going to be much strong.

I think everyone, including experienced authors, can benefit from a proofreading specialist.

If you want the best for your book, then it’s a no-brainer. Plus, finding someone to help is easy thanks to Fiverr.

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What do you mean by proofreading services?

Proofreading services involve a number of various elements and assistance. If you want simple spelling checks, then you can find someone quite easily.

Overall, the extent of proofreading services stretch much further than simple spelling and grammar checks.

A fantastic proofreading expert is going to offer a number of additional resources. Firstly, many help through structural editing. If you want a great book, then structure needs to be a priority. Secondly, there are a number of formatting elements that go into print and digital books. If you hire someone who knows what works and what doesn’t, then you don’t have to stress about how things are going to turn out.

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What is the rate for proofreading services?

Proofreading services rates vary depending on the job.

If someone offers to simply spell check for you, then the job doesn’t take very long. Traditionally, freelance proofreaders and editors charge less for this sort of service. If you need other proofreading services, then the cost can go up.

A simple proofread with no made edits might run you less than $50. If the proofreader helps you to make the actual changes, then you could spend a few hundred dollars. Thanks to Fiverr, you can accept proposals which include prices so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

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How long should it take to proofread 1000 words?

Proofreading 1,000 words is going to take around an hour and or so if you’re simply looking for spelling. I want to stress that 1,000 words might not seem like a lot, but additional proofreading services can take more time. For example, if someone checks formatting and flow for you, then the time spent on the project increases. Yes, the final product is going to be better, but it will take longer and likely cost more money.

The more money you spend on your proofreading services, then the more you will get. Someone taking four hours to work on 1,000 words for you should be doing more than a simple spell and grammar check.

In these cases, make sure you clearly lay out what your expectations are. This way, you avoid any uncertainty or dissatisfaction for you and your freelancer.

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How is proofreading services done?

Proofreading is usually a multi-step process. Firstly, I always recommend proofreading begin with a single read through of all content. If you wish to make marks or changes at this stage, then you can do so. I will admit, I usually just like to read something once to get the context down. Then, I move onto a second reading to ensure I catch any errors or mistakes.

During the second or third reading, I like to look for things like structure, pace, and flow. In this step, I also like to consider things like formatting, depending on if the book is written for digital devices, print, or both. You might want to make sure to ask your freelancer whether or not they do a similar process. Some people might not be as thorough, leading to less quality work.

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What skills do I need to be a proofreader and provide proofreading services?

Every great professional providing proofreading services needs a few vital skills. Firstly, make sure you have a close attention to detail. If I hire a proofreader, then I want them to catch every little thing that might be present in my work. Secondly, proofreaders should be able to use knowledge from past jobs to help them in their current jobs. In short, critical thinking can be a huge help in this role.

Anyone can teach themselves these skills.

If you already have a background in editing or proofreading, then you’re in good shape. Of course, this also means some of you might not have any experience. I want you all to know: no matter what your experience is, you can become a successful proofreader for yourself. Yes, hiring proofreading services is still helpful, but doing it yourself is great as well.

Read How to Do It – The 4 Best Books for Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading and Editing Precision

Proofreading and Editing Precision

Many proofreading services allow for you to hire someone to fix up your writing. Whether it’s wording, phrasing, grammar, spelling, or other issues, proofreaders know the key to precise writing. In fact, they’re not the only ones who can learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to perfecting written work!

Find ways to make proofreading a valuable skill, and complete more precise and perfect work at the same time!

I think if you’re ready to get into the world of proofreading and want to start finding your perfect style, this is the book for you. There are so many amazing pointers and tips in this book. You might want to go ahead and pick up a bunch of sources of information. Really, you just need this to get started, and it’s an amazing resource. You’ll never want it off your desk or shelf as long as you write!

McGraw-Hill’s Proofreading Handbook

McGraw Hills Proofreading Handbook

Who better to learn proofreading from than the expert editors and writers at McGraw-Hill, a leading publisher and book promoter.

The team at McGraw-Hill are experts in promoting and publishing great works. Textbooks and educational texts are the groups’s forte, but they are in the business of great written works in general. There are few areas of study in which a student won’t pick up one or two books by McGraw-Hill. For this reason, I think their guide is a great way to get in touch with what makes proofreading so valuable and important.

Considering the ways in which proofreading can really elevate a book, it’s important to get it right. Writers need to find themselves looking hyper-critically at every single element of a book. This way, you know you have something you can release to the public confidently. The Proofreading Handbook is the best way to get that done.

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation

When considering the best formal way to learn the dos and don’ts of writing, a great blue book goes a long way. Blue books are the key to a great writer, because they’re full of so much information. Whether you read it cover to cover or simply use it for reference, there’s no bad way to utilize this important tool.

Eleven editions later, the Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation is a key tool for any writer or proofreader in the business.

The eleventh edition of this incredible resource is better than ever. I think most writers want a single place they can go to reference little details and big ideas. In a lot of ways, this is the perfect way to acclimate yourself to the style of a proofreading professional. Plus, when you buy it, it’s yours to keep forever.

Copyediting and Proofreading For Dummies

Copyediting and Proofreading For Dummies

There are a lot of reasons to love the For Dummies series. In fact, I think buying copies of their many how-to guides is anything but dumb! In the copyediting and proofreading edition of the series, the editors are better than ever at providing easy to understand information to those in need of a bit of help getting started.

For the best intro to proofreading like a professional, you can’t go wrong with Copyediting and Proofreading For Dummies.

The best part of the series For Dummies is the clear language and easy-to-use format. The index at the back is really helpful for a quick check on something or a concept. Plus, the entire book really walks you through everything you need to know to get started in proofreading and editing!

Proofreading Services FAQ

Still curious about what role proofreading services can fill for you? Here are some proofreading frequently asked questions that might help you!

What is the best proofreading website?

Proofreading websites like Grammarly and Papertrue help writers get the best final work possible. Plus, Fiverr is a great place to hire a freelancer to provide freelancing for proofreading services.

Where can I get proofreading work?

Proofreading work is easy to find thanks to sites like Fiverr. The best part of Fiverr is you can hire someone for specific services, and at the price clients can afford with no hidden fees.

What is the rate for proofreading?

Proofreading rates vary based on how much work a proofreader is doing. Some proofreading services cost under $50 for simple reviews, and others cost hundreds for in-depth formatting services and structural changes.

What do you mean by proofreading?

Proofreading is more than simply spelling checks and punctuation. Proofreading includes everything from formatting, grammar, flow, and even things like structure and presentation.


If you want to be a great writer, then you need to take advantage of proofreading services.

From final edits to formatting, the best books are the ones that utilize proofreading services to their fullest extent. Whether you hire someone on Fiverr, or teach yourself, good proofreading is priceless!

What do you think makes proofreading services so valuable for authors and self-published writers? Can you think of a time where proofreading services could have helped you in your work?