Math Help (Who Should You Ask for Help and When)

by Dave

In this article, I take on the questions of why you might use your math instructor for help or why you might use a math tutor? I also discuss getting math help online for you.

About 40 percent of incoming students at four-year colleges and 70 percent of incoming students at two-year colleges enter college taking developmental classes. Many of these students struggle to pass remedial math. Do they need to? So here are three questions I ask students looking for math help?

Do you only get help in math when you’re stuck? Do you regularly study with other students learning the same subject? Why should you even approach your instructor or talk with a tutor?

Getting Help in Math

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Math instructors were once students too. Any teacher, professor, or tutor knows the struggles students go through to learn math at a high level.

Every instructor is unique with their characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. Through their experience, you can learn too from their mistakes and their methods. Instructors enjoy the process just as much as the student. When both solve problems together, it’s a positive experience that is both memorable and continues throughout a student’s academic career.

Why not use your math instructor?

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Instructors tend to share their (secrets) tips and tricks with students, which helps mold their math identity to carry throughout their academic careers. Some good examples of how you can use your math instructor for help are:

  • Learning techniques: Everyone has a method to their “madness,” and many math instructors are happy to show you their preferred strategies. Students then repeat these strategies or find their identity and craft their way of solving problems.
  • Crafting math identity: Like any activity, there is a pattern of consistency, habits, and flow that goes along with solving problems.
  • Knowledge: Math instructors have the experience students can learn from and apply it to their math journey. Learning from the teacher’s mistakes can also be an excellent lesson for the student to know that everyone makes mistakes. Math can be challenging, even demoralizing, and knowing that everyone makes errors in their work, can be uplifting and a positive experience.  
  • Critical thinking: Having an instructors help you along the way will boost critical thinking. Many students try to do the math in their heads, which should not initially be an approach, causing inaccurate answers. Writing down all the problem elements, solving it, and going through the motions boosts critical thinking. Also, it increases self-esteem and confidence.

Why not use a math tutor?

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Asking for help can be challenging for many people, especially for those struggling in math. Those who ask questions and get the answers they need tend to do better in school and get ahead in their careers. There are several advantages to use a math tutor, including:

  • Better grades: Getting help on your math homework and knowing how to do the problems will translate to doing better on tests. As a result, you will do better in class and get good grades. From there, you will increase your GPA with an impressive transcript for the school of your choice.  
  • Practice makes perfect: To become better at something, you need to practice. Whether it’s math homework from school or exercises online, repeatedly practicing problems with a tutor will make you more proficient in the subject.
  • Motivation: Math can be a tedious topic where it takes lots of effort to continue practicing, especially when you are having trouble understanding the material. Having a math tutor to encourage you and teach you along the way and explain until you comprehend is a motivational boost.
  • Accountability: It’s easy to give up, which is why you need a math tutor to keep honest about your work and your progress. Having a set schedule to continue practicing, learning from your mistakes, not giving up, and getting decent grades is part of the experience. There will be times when you will not want to tackle the math problems out of frustration, but your math tutor won’t allow it!

Tackling math alone isn’t easy, which is why many give up on the subject before they begin to understand what it takes: persistence, consistency, confidence, and lots of practice!

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Where can I get help with my math homework online?

Class is over, and it’s time to have fun with your math homework. Except, you need help with your math homework, and it isn’t a section or topic you understand. While learning in the classroom is beneficial for many students, some may require more help.

Today, there are several math websites online to help with your homework. However, how do you know which website is right for you?

First, several websites offer a service to do your math homework for you by listing steps and providing answers with thorough explanations. This service is a good option for those who are stuck but want some engagement to understand how to solve the problem more clearly. Having an online tutor or an expert explain the material can put you ahead in class and get better test results.

Secondly, there are online math calculators that solve problems for you instantly. While the software gives you the answers, it does not have the same impact on learning. Usually, there are no in-depth explanations besides showing the steps, but not always.

Lastly, some websites have the same solutions and problems online, from exact textbooks. Everyone is familiar with this method—Copy and paste the question online or on a textbook website like Chegg, and a solution may pop up. Often, a specialist solves the problem and explains, but it is generic and may be hard to understand, depending on how much you know the topic.

Online forums and message boards for math are available, where regular people help each other. There is no guarantee the people solving the problems are tutors or professionals, but through engagement, you can learn from each other.

The best option is to find someone who can explain the material to you for the most significant results.

Math Help FAQ

Math is a broad, exciting subject that answers numerous questions about the world around us. Exploring and learning about math gives people more appreciation and can help you see it as an art.

How does math help your brain?

Math challenges your brain to think critically and analytically. Brain games are often math games because it keeps the mind stimulated. Your mind becomes more active and eager. It is like brain food.  If you ever want to exercise your brain, do math problems.

How does math help in the real world?

The real world is full of math that guides our everyday choices. Financial analysts use math formulas to model projections, which shape our economy. Investors depend on percentages such as the rate of return to make business decisions. Several professions use math to calculate their moves, whether it’s landscaping, architecture, or business.  

How does math help the world?

In the world, there are lots of problems that only humans can solve. Many industries make our planet thrive, such as manufacturing or renewable energy. Math creates products with possibilities of changing how we live and new opportunities. Also, math can help with discoveries never seen before, such as space or ocean exploration.

How will math help us in the future?

With math, we can understand how our outlook may look like, depending on several factors. We are fortunate enough to use models that can project what may happen in the future to take proper precautions. Also, upcoming academia is S.T.E.M education, where math is critical. Lastly, math is part of growing industries, such as automation and machine learning.

Where to get math help?

There are several ways to get math help, which include: Math websites that provide online tutoring. Math help on a school campus (after school program or Math department program). After class with a professor or teacher’s assistant. Online forum. Study group. With today’s technology, there is no excuse not to get help in math!

How will math help me in the future?

Depending on your academic career, math can take you beyond where you expect. If you pass enough math courses, you can gain a degree in Science (such as Bachelor of Science), which is more analytical, making you stand out for college recruits. Many jobs look for more math savvy people, as it shows the ability to think critically.  

Can maths help with anxiety?

Math can help with anxiety, as solving problems can take your mind off of stress. For some people, math is fun, like solving a puzzle. Math can also help you become a better person by tackling challenges, causing you to grow through adversity. In all, math makes you a better person.  

When does math help?

Math helps in every aspect of life. Whether you are measuring flour for baking or formulating projections for investments, math helps all the time. Math can also help you get out of a bad situation. For instance, many people invest in stocks or retirement funds. Math can tell you if the stock is performing well or not and whether you should obtain it. Your future depends on it!