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1 2

Fantastic, I can not only do calculus, operations and techniques, but I understand calculus too.

3 3

He has a fun, easy-to-understand teaching style.

1 3

He is amazing. He cares about students more than any other in UTA. He is helpful and nice.

4 4

Prof. Smith teaches the lesson in such a way that students who have never taken calculus before can understand it. He is also funny and I enjoyed & learned a lot from each lecture

2 5 1

The professor really reads the students well and challenges confident students while encouraging those less so. He is very engaging and the lessons he teaches are clear and engaging. His expectations were clear and his assessments were very fair. Thoroughly enjoyed the class.

3 1

I liked the way the course was planned out. Kept consistency for the class and had a good pace. Definitely gives you an appreciation for all of the hard work put into geometry than before our time. Overall good class.

1 4

He is a great instructor, best math teacher ever. I was really scared about calculus, but I’m glad it was him that taught it.

4 5

He is a great teacher and he seems to really care about how his students are doing in the class as opposed to the major of teachers that I know.

1 5

I would recommend this professor because he explains in great deal about the topic.

4 5

I like this more than I thought I would.

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1 6

Very helpful in and outside of class. Would like to take another course with him.

4 6

Doesn’t spoon feed, ask relevant questions to get us to think about the process to get the answer.

5 2

Prof. Smith is very friendly and shows many examples of questions on the concepts taught in class.

5 5

Prof. Smith’s enthusiasm for math is contagious.

2 2

Excellent professor! Effective teaching style and very helpful!

3 2

I felt that the class was very well developed and planned out. I think some of the concepts were hard to grasp but the professor did a really good job of explaining topics and being available if further help was needed.

2 3

Prof. Smith is very fun professor and I have always enjoyed having him as a professor, this semester included. He knows the subject material very well and explains his expectations on what you need to know for any quiz or exam beforehand. He held an in-class review of the subject matter before every exam and plans to do so for the final.

3 3

The professor was very knowledgeable of the subject matter and taught the material in a very clear way. The class was enjoyable and was the first class I have been excited to go to.

2 4

Well organized notes. Actually taught instead of just going through a powerpoint. Clearly explained the material and tested over what he said he would. Graded very fair and encouraged us to come for help if needed.

3 4

No stone was left unturned, and by doing so, instructor Smith transformed a notoriously difficult course into a beautifully logical language.

1 1

I have already recommended him to friends.

4 1

He knows math very well and is good communicating calculus in a very understandable way.

2 5

Professor Smith clearly showed that he loves his job, which made the course much more interesting. He stated the objectives at the beginning of every class, explained each theory, completed proofs, and provided step by step examples on the board. This teaching style was extremely successful to me, and helped me understand the material much better than expected. He also had plenty of copies of practice exams and reviews that prepared us well for the departmental exams, and held reviews outside of class to help his students. He is a very nice and helpful professor.

5 3

Each class was very helpful And engaging. I enjoyed the activities we did with other classmates and as a class. The quizzes are great because the help you stay on top of the material.

2 6

I think this teacher is great. Prof. Smith reminds you of previous topics and connects them to new ones when starting new material. Explains topics in depth in a fast paced way. His lectures are very prepared and planned out. He does a good job leaving theorems and definitions on the board to refer back to during an example problem. Quizzes and tests were fair; nothing that wasn’t covered in homework or notes.

3 6

Attitude. You keep everything lighthearted and go into lectures with a fun attitudes, something a lot of professors don’t do. This made the class more enjoyable and easier to pay attention and learn.

1 1 1

I enjoyed his teaching style, and how he tried to make it easily understandable, and what we would need to keep in mind for other math courses. He is also willing to help, approachable, and hopefully I can participate in his class later on in my college career.

5 2

He helped me understand every aspect of the course and really invested in every student. The quizzes were very helpful and should continue.

1 4 1

Engaging professor, effective communicator. Frequent quizzes provided excellent review.

1 5 1

Professor Smith did a fantastic job teaching this course. He is very enthusiastic and makes the material fun and easy to learn. His style of teaching and ways of encouraging students to dive deeper into the ideas behind the lessons has prompted me and others to look into taking more classes with him in the future.

2 2 1

Professor Smith is very good at explaining until everyone understands. He’s very excited about Math, and obviously enjoys teaching students who have a desire to learn. He’s very willing to help his students, and encourages us to learn the concepts so we can apply them to test problems.

2 3 1

I enjoyed the fact that we did quiz together as a class. It really helped see from other people’s points of view on how to solve the problems. Mr. Smith is tough but I’ve had him for several classes and always enjoyed him as a teacher.

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