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On this page, I explain how Dave’s Math Help Service works by showing you several examples.

You can also read about the service and about pricing, how it works, testimonials, and the frequently asked questions.

Math Help Examples of Previous Orders

When you make a purchase, you can choose either the pdf file only or the pdf file and the video.

Below, I outline example orders and provide a download link to see the pdf file that was purchased. For each order, I also provide a YouTube video link for the video that was produced for the order.

Math Help Examples Top view of university students sitting at a table studying and working on laptop

Precalculus Help

Here is the pdf file for an order sent in for five precalculus problems involving graphing trigonometric functions using transformations such as period, amplitude, phase shift, and vertical and horizontal shifts. After receiving the pdf file you can also see the YouTube video that explains these problems in detail.

Calculus 1 Help

In production.

Calculus 2 Help

In production.

Calculus 3 Help

In production.

Linear Algebra Help

In production.

Number Theory Help

In production.

Introduction to Proofs Help

In production.

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