An Introduction to Technical Theatre

by Dave

Need training in theater creation? An Introduction to Technical Theater sets out the numerous coordination essential to producing and directing, from sound and lighting to booking and behind the stage behavior. This reference is for expecting secondary school and understudies in theater programs.

Want to go behind the scenes of a theater production? An Introduction to Technical Theatre lays down the many logistics necessary to putting on a show, from sound and lighting to scheduling and backstage etiquette. The reference guide is intended for high school and college students in theater programs.

There are so many facets to a theater production, so where to begin? An Introduction to Technical Theatre will guide you through this technical yet creative process. Unlike hefty textbooks on the subject, this is a straight-forward, 132-page read that will send you on your way to a producing a magical show. Whether you are a brand new stage director of a high school play, a student starting a theater club on campus, or a visual arts major, this beginners guide is for you.

An Introduction to Technical Theatre

An Introduction to Technical Theatre divides into modules, so reader can jump around to different topics based on their own needs. First, the book introduces theater as a “collaborative art.” It recognizes that there are many tasks and many people involved in a production, which can sometimes present real challenges. This first chapter explains the philosophy and principles that will guide its view of theater throughout the book. It even provides a chart of the hierarchies of theater. Then, it goes into scheduling, theater spaces, and equipment. Finally, An Introduction to Technical Theatre gets into the fun stuff: props, costumes, lighting, sound, painting sets, and so on. The book also discusses stage management, stage crews, and production etiquette. Each chapter has “There’s More to Know” and “Consider This” boxes. These provide additional tidbits and prompts to get readers thinking critically about the material.

About the Author of An Introduction to Technical Theatre

Tal Sanders is a professional, award-winning set designer. He has designed lighting and scenery for just about every type of entertainment venue, including film, television, theater, and concerts. Plus, he has designed for theme parks, malls, cruise ships, and zoos. He has worked on and off Broadway and produced numerous shows for Universal Studios as its art and technical director. His versatile design skills have earned him several Drammy Awards and Independent Theatre Awards. When writing An Introduction to Technical Theatre, Sanders had his own students in mind. Sanders is a professor at Pacific University, where he is also the faculty scenic and lighting designer and scenic director. Previously, he was a lecturer and designer at University of California and a professor and technical director at Marymount Manhattan College.

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