The Best Instagram Accounts for Mathematics (Who to Follow)

by Dave

Before running through the 13 best Instagram accounts related to mathematics, I explain to you how I formed this list. First, the accounts needed to have made at least one post in the last year. Secondly, these are Instagram accounts that are primarily engaged in promoting enthusiasm for mathematics. And each one has at least 1K followers and has lots of engagement by other people. I also walk through one of the most commented post for each account.

In this article, I show you the 13 best Instagram accounts related to mathematics. These accounts showcase a wide range of artistry and differ widely in their technical approach and individual charm. I verified that each account satisfies the following requirements.

  • Firstly, active accounts that have published at least one post in the last year.
  • Secondly, accounts that are primarily engaged in enthusiasm for mathematics and especially for understanding mathematics.
  • After that, I check that each account has at least 1K followers, and several of its posts have some engagement by other people.

Finally, I show the most commented post from the current year. So, let’s find out what makes each account one of the best Instagram accounts for mathematics.

Grant Sanderson


Grant Sanderson I realize I havent been posting these to Instagram. In case you are not aware Im doing live lessons every Tuesday and Friday at noon PDT Instagram Accounts for Mathematics

Eddie Woo


Eddie Woo To all my colleagues in schools across NSW admin staff cleaners learning support officers exec classroom teachers As we head into a Term 2 unlike any other



Instagram Accounts for Mathematics NancyPi Hey yall new trig video brought to you by lots of time at home Definitely a sine of the times thinking of you at home right now and hoping youre finding what you need for online learning.

Krista King


Krista King I try to wipe off my computer screen on a fairly regular basis... it doesnt seem to be helping.

Think Twice


Think Twice geometry visualarts digitalart color gif loop 3D c4dart mograph geometricart minimalist geometric animation motionart math mathematics creativecoding opticalillusion Instagram Accounts for Mathematics

The Rookie Nerds


The Rookie Nerds An animation showing three phasors rotating at a 120 offset whose Imaginary part forms a Sine Wave

Chill with Math Vibes


Chill with Math Vibes We are discussing a 4D tesseract in our 3D world through 2D instagram posts and you are sliding the post in 1D and clicking the 0D LIKE button.

Magic PI – Math Animations


Magic PI – Math Animations



math lover A topologist is a person who cannot tell the difference between a coffee mug and a donut—so goes a joke about a little known scientific field crowned Tuesday with a Nobel Physics Prize

Creative Math


Creative Math A very interesting Geometrical figure and at the end theres an even cooler way to make sense of the paradox that comes up

Mathematics Problems


Mathematics Problems This is a geometrical derivation of the AREA of a CYCLOID

Kacie Travis


Instagram Accounts for Mathematics Kacie Travis Todays tea it is not the sole responsibility of teachers to save the economy Other businesses can step up and support their workers

Math Giraffe


Math Giraffe Have you checked out my newest blog post yet Instagram Accounts for Mathematics

And there you have it, the best Instagram accounts for mathematics. So, now you know of some people to look into. Mathematics is visual and many proofs can be illustrated to perfection. So, anyways, let me know which of these account is your favorite.