How Math Help Works (and Why You Should Use It)

On this page, I describe how Dave’s Math Help Service works. Here you’ll get all the information you want to get the help you need. I go over the ordering procedure and provide information on pricing, examples, FAQ, and reviews.

Three-Step Process

Dave’s Math Help is an exclusive service only available through Using the service takes three simple steps:

  1. You order your problems using an online ordering form that you want the solutions to.
  2. I review the order, and if I accept it, I solve your problems; otherwise, I immediately reimburse you 100%.
  3. After I solve your problems, you receive a pdf through email and start learning.

Read on as I go through the ordering process (these 3 steps) below and explain everything in detail.

How Math Help Works


You can currently choose one from among six subjects (listed below). If you have problems across multiple subjects, you will need to make separate orders, one for each subject. Here are some links to these subjects that explain what these subjects are.

Product Types

Solutions with Teaching

In addition to the solutions, you will receive step-by-step explanations and the reasoning behind the problems within the pdf file. On the examples page, you can see a sample order and the product received. 

Solutions with Educating

In addition to the solutions and explanations within the pdf file, you will receive a link to a YouTube video. This video includes the problems you requested, the mathematics needed to understand the problems, and explains how to solve them. On the examples page, you can see a sample order and the product received. 

Difficulty Level

There are two difficulty levels: standard and tough. Standard problems are the type of problems you will see during a college or university course. Problems that are beyond this I call “tough” and cost four times the price of a standard problem. For example, Putnam problems are tough. I do not guarantee I can solve every problem in the world. If I’m not able to solve your problem in the timeframe you choose, you will immediately be reimbursed 100%.

Number of Problems

You can choose between 5 and 100 problems per order. If you need more than 100 problems for any order contact me here or simply make multiple orders.


Due to the volume of orders, the best timeframe is 7 days. However, the choices available are one day, two days, seven days, and fourteen days. The cost increases, the faster you need the order completed.


Please describe where the problems come from as much as you can. For example, try to answer the following questions. Do they come from a textbook? If so, which book? Are you in a class? Did these come from an instructor? The context of the problems could be significant and may affect deliverability.

Upload File

You can send me screenshots or images of the problems. However, you will have to place all files together into a single pdf file to upload them as a single file. The single file must have a size of less than 15MB. You may need to optimize your files to meet this requirement.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I have a 30-day money-back guarantee. From the date that you placed your order, you have 30 days to request your money reimbursed. This 30-day time period includes the time it takes to solve the problems. If I do not answer your questions correctly, I give you your money back 100%, guaranteed.

You can read about the service and pricing, examplestestimonials, and frequently asked questions.

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