Exploring Movie Construction and Production

by Dave

Are you dreaming of becoming a filmmaker, or maybe just love movies and want to know how they’re made? Exploring Movie Construction & Production is a great place to start. Film students and curious readers will learn about all that goes into making movies, from script to screen.

Exploring Movie Construction & Production sets out to answer the question, “what’s so exciting about movies?” With this question, the film making textbook takes different routes to explain what makes a great movie, as well as the processes that go into making them. Mainly, readers will engage with basic concepts, such as narrative construction, types of themes in films, genre, and cinematography. Then, they’ll learn best practices for each concept. The textbook is simply an introduction to film education; therefore, it is great for film students interested in several related fields, including film criticism, direction, acting, producing, script writing, and more.

Exploring Movie Construction and Production

Most everyone has seen multiple films in their lives. Readers will enjoy recognizing the numerous films that each chapter suggests for viewing. With Exploring Movie Construction & Production, they will learn something new about their favorite movie, or find a new favorite movie. Either way, the textbook in visual arts gives plenty of supporting examples that students can watch to see concepts come to life. The book begins with “construction,” which includes chapters on theme, genre, storytelling and plot, and characters. Then, it moves on to “production,” which covers directing, cinematography, editing, and sound. At the end, there are assignment prompts that will get students putting what they’ve learned to practice. Plus, the textbook has a section of more “future viewing.”

About the Author of Exploring Movie Construction & Production

John Reich holds a master’s degree in speech with theater and journalism concentrations from Kent State University. For more than 20 years, he’s taught film, speech and interpersonal communication at Genesee Community College in New York. His 2011 article for Innovation Abstracts, “I’ll Take Education for $100,” ponders methods of teaching film. In fact, that article sparked the idea for Exploring Movie Construction & Production. In addition, he has written about how to help students overcome their fear of public speaking.

Publisher: Open SUNY
License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike