Education Journals (The Methodologies and Aims)

by Dave

This article is an introduction to education journals and research. I go through a long list of journals and discuss their area of research and their typical methods. I also discuss paywalls and finding free access options. There are about 45 research journals, each one described here.


Keeping up-to-date on important issues within the educational field is a major undertaking. With complex challenges ranging from curricula to funding to testing standards, the choice of what research journals to read or to contribute to can be overwhelming. Below you’ll find a quick-reference guide to many well-known and respected journals within the field of education. Many of them publish new original research and seek to offer readers practical solutions. What you’ll find is a robust mix of perspectives, methodologies and aims. However, they all focus on helping those in the classroom deliver an ever-better experience for their students.

Whether you’re a student, teacher, counselor, researcher, administrator, or one of the other myriad career paths represented within education, there’s something here for you. And if after reading each description you’d like more information, links to each journal’s individual website are included at the end of every section.

Introduction to Education Journals and Research

Areas of Reserach

For those new to the field, a brief review of educational research may help lay some groundwork. The field systematically collects and analyzes data gathered within the field of education. This data might include information on how people learn, the best methods to teach them, classroom dynamics, teacher training, or other various aspects of education. Some important fields that play a big role in education research include sociology, psychology, philosophy, and anthropology. Due to modern technology and science, even fields like neuroscience and mathematical modelling are helping out.

For example, researchers can use magnetic resonance imaging to look at the brain activity of students. In one study, they found a correlation between interactivity of different parts of the brain and strong reading skills. Modern behavioral studies also highlight that there are multiple important facets to learning, and not all of them are about the facts we learn. In addition, studies look at the behavior and well-being of teachers to ensure they give the highest quality teaching experience.

Common Methods

There are a range of methods in education research which can themselves be under scrutiny within the research. Researchers often have disagreements about the standards of research criteria and procedures between various journals. But, there is the agreement that research should always be systematic and rigorous.

The basic approach for most research involves a search for truth or developing a theory. To do this, researchers design a study to test their theories. Another approach focuses more on existing problems in education. This focus means that results are often more useful in the sense that they are directly applicable in the real world. In the research journals below, you’ll see qualitative research often in the form of case studies, ethnographies, narrative research, and historical research. Common quantitative research in the journals includes surveys, experiments, single-subjects, causal-comparatives, and correlational research.

Avoiding Paywalls

As you go through the list, some journals have free access options that allow anyone to read them. Others require special access or paid subscriptions which can be very pricey. If you’re part of an academic institution, you might already have access to a large library. But if not, you may be in a pickle. If you need to find free access options, check the search engines Google Scholar, the Open Access Button, the Directory of Open Access Journals, and the Chrome extension Unpaywall. They all search for free versions of articles. Using a combination of the search engines makes it very likely that you’ll find a free version of what you’re looking for.

You may also want to consider contacting authors directly. They often have free access codes they can give you, or maybe even copies of their work. It take more time to do this, but gives you a unique opportunity to connect with authors directly. Whichever methods you go with, just have patience and you’re sure find a treasure trove of information.

Journal of Teacher Education

The Journal of Teacher Education exists to provide a robust discussion and investigative forum for sharing the work of scholars. Furthermore, those scholars are invested in the preparation and continued support of tomorrow’s teachers. After all, they are the ones who will play a significant role in major discussions and impactful decision-making. Consequently, issues covered range from preparing teachers to effectively addressing marginalized youth and their needs. In addition, this publication is available by subscription, and co-editors are Tonya Bartell, Dorinda Carter Andrews, Robert E. Floden and Gail Richmond.

For more information, visit the Journal of Teacher Education.

The Journal of Educational Research

The Journal of Educational Research (JER)accepts for publication manuscripts that expound upon or synthesize research that directly impacts educational practices. Thus, the editorial team favors articles that focus on variables that feasibly can be adjusted within an educational setting. The JER does not typically publish validation studies; however, the editors, led by Editor-in-Chief Mary F. Heller, welcome many types of research – including ethnographies, narrative research, experiments, evaluations, replication and more.

In addition, this is a subscription-based journal. Learn more at the Journal of Educational Research.

The Journal of Higher Education

The Journal of Higher Education publishes high-quality original research that explores the academic study of higher education. The journal, founded in 1930, accepts only the highest quality empirical, theoretically-sound work. In addition, submissions must ponder the philosophical functions of higher education within society, plus its vibrant and important role. 

Furthermore, the publication’s editor-in-Chief is Mitchell J. Chang, of the University of California-Los Angeles. Also, this journal gives authors the option to publish open access via its Open Select publishing program. Consequently, their their research is free to access online immediately on publication. Learn more.

Journal of Studies in International Education

The Journal of Studies in International Education is a forum for higher education administrators, researchers, educators, policy makers and others. Notably, the journal focuses on the complexity of internationalizing higher education. To that end, most accepted submissions explore theoretical, conceptual, and practical facets of the internationalization process. These may include regional, national and institutional approaches, internationalizing various curricula and delivery of education that effectively crosses borders.

Furthermore, the editorial team is led by Betty Leask, and the publication is available via subscription. See more at the Journal of Studies in International Education.

American Educational Research Journal

As the flagship journal of the American Educational Research Association, it focuses on advancing understanding of both teaching and learning. Furthermore, with a high level of editorial rigor, its articles reflect a wide range of contexts, perspectives, topics and methods. Also, the American Educational Research Journal is subscription and membership based.

In addition, its editors are Julianne C. Turner, Mark Berends, Francesca Lopez, Sadhana Puntambekar and Suzanne Wilson. For more information, visit the American Educational Research Journal.

Australian Journal of Education

The Australian Journal of Education emphasizes academic research conducted both in Australia and across the world. To that end, it informs educational researchers, as well as teachers, administrators, and policy-makers about contemporary issues. Furthermore, the AJE favors studies about education itself, along with selections that address education’s relationship to other fields.

In addition, editor Petra Lietz leads the editorial team, and this journal is available by subscription. Learn more by visiting Australian Journal of Education.

Journal of Research in International Education

The Journal of Research in International Education is an international, peer-reviewed journal that explores international education. Thus, it targets schools, teachers, administrators and higher education institutions throughout the world.

Led by Editor-in-Chief Mary Hayden, the Journal of Research in International Education seeks to advance the understanding and significance of international education. To that end, it examines educational ramifications of relationships between human unity and diversity that being part of a global community requires.

In addition, this publication is available via subscription; see the Journal of Research in International Education for more detail.

American Journal of Education

The American Journal of Education seeks to integrate the full spectrum of diversity within educational scholarship, and to encourage a vigorous dialogue among today’s education scholars and practitioners. Consequently, AJE publishes philosophical arguments, original research, theoretical statements, and critical syntheses across a wide variety of topics of interest to the education field. Editors include Gerald LeTendre and Dana Mitra.

In addition, the journal’s green open access refers to the ability of authors to self-archive their own work and make it freely available through institutional or disciplinary repositories. Learn more.

Theory and Research in Education

Formerly known as The School Field, Theory and Research in Education today is an international peer reviewed journal exploring theoretical, empirical and conjectural papers that add to the development of educational policy, theory and/or practice. In addition, its editor-in-chief is Ben Kotzee, and it is available by subscription. Learn more by visiting Theory and Research in Education.

Journal of Engineering Education

The Journal of Engineering Education is a quarterly peer-reviewed international journal developed by the American Society for Engineering Education. Thus, the Journal exists to define and shape a body of knowledge based on rigorous scholarly research, with the goal of that research leading to improvements in engineering education that are both timely and significant worldwide. ASEE members can access JEE articles by logging in to their ASEE accounts. In addition, non-members may be able to view articles through institutional subscriptions.

The Journal editor is Lisa C. Benson of Clemson University.

Management in Education

Management in Education makes possible a robust forum for debate and discussion covering the full spectrum of issues in educational management. Notably, its peer review policy led by Editor-in-Chief Jacqueline Baxter ensures that the generous range and quality of articles the journal accepts is supportive both of those new to publication and those who are more experienced authors. Also, it is available by subscription.

Learn more at Management in Education.

Journal From the Centre for Global Higher Education

Higher Education is a forum for discussing and exploring significant developments throughout the world at universities, polytechnics, colleges and vocational institutions. Consequently, it accepts submissions regarding developments and challenges in both public and private higher education institutions and offers open access options for scholars.

Higher Education is led by Simon Marginson as editor-in-chief and has featured contributions from leading scholars from across the world who debate the challenges of teachers and students, along with planners and administrators. Overall, the journal provides trustworthy overview articles, comparative studies and analyses of specific issues.

Visit The Centre for Global Higher Education for more details.

Journal of Educational Psychology

The Journal of Educational Psychology exits to support original, primary psychological research that applies to education issues and questions across all ages and levels. However, its secondary purpose is the additional publication of exceptionally important theoretical and review articles that appropriately pertain to educational psychology and are valuable to those within the field. In addition, Steve Graham of Arizona State University serves as editor-in-chief, and the publication offers both institutional and individual subscriptions.

Learn more at the Journal of Educational Psychology.

Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics

The Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics publishes articles that are new, fresh and applicable to those who apply statistical approaches to problems and issues in either educational or behavioral research. Thus, typical accepted submissions may present new methods of analysis – tutorial presentations, critical reviews of current practice and innovative applications of known methods have also been accepted.

Li Cai leads the editorial team, and the journal is available by subscription. Find out more at the Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics.

Journal of Education Finance and Policy

Education Finance and Policy seeks to help readers understand the means by which global resources can be justly and productively generated and engaged in order to enhance all human learning, no matter the level.

To that end, the journal routinely explores topics like equity and adequacy in school finance, instructional policy, teacher compensation, school accountability, education standards, school choice, within- and across-school and district resource allocation, finance, training and labor markets, and higher education productivity special education.

In addition, Amy Ellen Schwartz of Syracuse University leads the editorial team. This publication is available by subscription; learn more.

Educational Management Administration & Leadership

Educational Management Administration & Leadership exists to share new, original, and significant research contributions on educational administration, management and leadership, from across the globe. This publication is an international peer-reviewed journal, available by subscription.  Its typical content may include primary research projects originating from schools and in vocational and higher education institutions. In addition, Tony Bush serves as editor-in-chief.

For more information, visit Educational Management Administration & Leadership.

Education Review Journal

Under the guidance of Managing Editor Richard Garfield, Education Review looks for editorial submissions from those directly involved in the K–12 school education realm, as well as those working in other areas of study that intersect or impact it.

In addition, Education Review boasts a reputation as Australia’s leading independent K–12 education print and digital content provider; it has been published since 1997.  Consequently, submissions often explore a wide range of topics related to education, whether they be policy-based, research-focused, industrial or professional concerns, or even opinion pieces; this journal is available via subscription.

See more at Education Review.

Journal of Management Education

The Journal of Management Education is a strong voice in the scholarship of teaching and learning. In fact, this publication exists to enhance teaching and learning specifically within the management and organizational disciplines. Thus, accepted submissions typically reflect changes and developments in the conceptualization, organization and practice of management education.

The Journal’s target audience is primarily university educators within the management and organizational studies domain; however, other interested readers may include educational administrators, managers, trainers, consultants and coaches. It is available by subscription, and its co-editors are Jeanie M. Forray and Kathy Lund Dean. Learn more.

Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis

Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis is a multidisciplinary journal – and its editors, led by Managing Editor Valerie A. von Frank, thoughtfully consider original research from a variety of different disciplines, theoretical orientations, and methodologies. Consequently, this journal accepts only the most rigorous, policy-relevant research of interest to those deeply invested in educational policy analysis, evaluation and decision-making.

This publication is available by subscription. To learn more, visit Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis.

Journal of Gender and Education

Rising out of feminist politics and a social justice agenda, Gender and Education is committed to supporting cross-disciplinary and relevant explorations of gender and education. Also, the journal particularly seeks to explore the role of gender and how it interacts with other key differences. In addition, it seeks to further feminist theory, knowledge, philosophy, debate and action.

The editors, led by Carol Taylor, Susanne Gannon, Jayne Osgood and Kate Scantlebury, are actively committed to making the journal an interactive platform that includes a wide variety of global perspectives on gender, education and culture. 

This publication is available by subscription. Learn more.

Journal of Urban Education

Urban Education primarily focuses on papers that explore urban issues affecting students from birth through graduate school, from both a U.S. and a global perspective. Thus, the journal accepts both research and conceptual reviews that contribute new, fresh, and augmented findings regarding theory, research, and/or practice in the field. The journal also typically welcomes qualitative and quantitative empirical studies, along with theoretical reviews of high quality. Access is subscription-based, and the editor is Richard Milner.

Learn more at Urban Education.

Journal of Review of Educational Research

The Review of Educational Research publishes robust, integrative reviews of research literature that has a significant effect on education. Consequently, this includes several broad categories that range from conceptualizations and interpretations to syntheses of scholarly literature in other fields that have relevance to education research within the field. The journal offers subscription-based access and its editor is P. Karen Murphy.

For more information, visit Review of Educational Research.

Journal of General Education

Journal of General Education: A Curricular Commons of the Humanities and Sciences exists to illuminate the ideals of scholarship that encourage the understanding of general education curricula.  Thus, JGE seeks to engage academic communities, plus the broader public, in the importance of general education to society. Submissions along these lines include, but are not limited to, those that address the history, assessment, philosophy and theoretical responsibilities of general education.

Christopher P. Long, serves as editor, and the Journal offers institutional and individual subscriptions, both foreign and domestic.

Journal of Arts and Humanities in Higher Education

Arts and Humanities in Higher Education is an international peer reviewed journal. Edited by Jan McArthur, it publishes reviews, articles and scholarly content directly relating to the arts and humanities as they manifest within higher education. This journal is available by subscription.

For more information, visit Arts and Humanities in Higher Education.

Journal of Biological Education

The journal aims to bridge the gap between research and practice, providing new information, fresh ideas and diverse opinions, plus critical reviews of advances in biology teaching and research. By exploring policy and curriculum developments, the journal illuminates the latest results of research within the teaching, learning and assessment of biology. In addition, the journal’s editor is Ian Kinchin of the University of Surrey.

The Journal is available by subscription; learn more.

Education, Citizenship and Social Justice Journal

Education, Citizenship and Social Justice is a publication that supports global and cross-disciplinary discussion among academic educators and educational policy-makers who are invested in the meanings and forms of both citizenship and social justice as they manifest throughout the time students spend within educational institutions. Edited by Tony Gallagher, this publication offers several subscription models; see more.

Journal of Active Learning in Higher Education

Active Learning in Higher Education is an international, peer-reviewed publication directed toward those who teach and toward those who otherwise support learning in higher education – plus scholars currently pursuing or using scholarly research into effective learning, teaching and assessment at the higher education level. The journal, led by Editor Lynne P. Baldwin, seeks to improve the status of teaching and learning support as a professional pursuit; thus, it explores academic theory and practice across all disciplines and contexts/countries in the higher education space.

This journal is available via subscription; learn more.

Journal of Education for Sustainable Development

The Journal of Education for Sustainable Development is an academic journal that encourages academics and practitioners to share and critique new ways of thinking and practicing in the emerging field of education for sustainable development. A peer-reviewed international publication, JESD seeks a global reach and is published twice a year. Editor-in-Chief Kartikeya V. Sarabhai leads the editorial team, and this journal is available via subscription; learn more.

Science Education Journal

Science Education focuses on original content that explores the latest trends and challenges across the globe within science curriculum, policy, instruction, learning, and preparation of science teachers. Consequently, its ultimate aim is advancing knowledge of science education theory and practice. Co-editors are Sherry A. Southerland and John Settlage. In addition, the journal is available by subscription. For more information, visit Science Education.

International Journal of Art and Design Education

The International Journal of Art & Design Education is a platform for research in the field of the arts and creative education that attracts readers from across the globe. In fact, it is the primary source for sharing independently reviewed content about design, the visual arts, art history, creativity, and crafts in all aspects, phases, and types of educational contexts and learning situations. In addition, principal editor is Jeff Adams of the University of Chester.

This publication is available by subscription – more information can be found at the International Journal of Art & Design Education.

Educational Researcher Journal

Educational Researcher shares scholarly articles that have impact on the educational research community and that represent a wide swath of education research areas and related studies. In fact, ER’s ultimate goal is to make more widely accessible the most significant programmatic research and innovative, exciting findings that hold broad significance within the educational community. In addition, it is available via individual or institutional subscription.

Editors are Carolyn D. Herrington and Jason A. Grisson. Learn more at Educational Researcher

The Journal of the Learning Sciences

Journal of the Learning Sciences is one of the two official journals associated with the International Society of the Learning Sciences. Consequently, JLS presents a multidisciplinary exploration of research on learning and education that informs theories of how people learn, plus the design of learning environments. In fact, the journal leans toward research that illuminates new processes of learning and the methods by which instructional practices, technologies, and learning environments can be developed to be most conducive to learning within various environments.

In addition, editors-in-chief are Susan A. Yoon and Jan van Aalst, and this publication offers open access options. Learn more.

Communication Education Journal

Communication Education is a peer-reviewed journal published by the National Communication Association. As such, Communication Education seeks original scholarly studies that propel further  understanding of communication’s function and role within the teaching and learning process in a wide variety of environments, structures and interfaces, both within and outside of formal academia. Thus, the journal seeks scholarship originating from diverse perspectives and methodologies, including qualitative, quantitative and critical/textual approaches. It also offers open access options and is edited by Deanna P. Dannels. Find out more.

Journal of Experiential Education

The Journal of Experiential Education is an international, peer-reviewed publication that focuses on experiential education across a wide variety of diverse contexts. Thus, the JEE promotes both the theoretical and empirical study of many challenges and issues surrounding program management and policies, research methodology, experiential learning, educational, developmental and health outcomes, teaching, and facilitation. In addition, this journal is a publication of the Association for Experiential Education and available via subscription.

JEE’s editor is Jayson Seaman; learn more.

Journal of Mind, Brain, and Education

Mind, Brain, and Education explores the scholarly study and communication of both basic and applied research on learning and development, including research from biology, cognitive science, education and neuroscience.
The journal, published by the International Mind, Brain, and Education Society, provides a reliable scholarly resource for translating the exploration of the science of the brain, biology and human behavior into practical significance. Doing so allows it to influence education efforts across the world, and spanning all ages and contexts.

Furthermore, the publication’s editor-in-chief is Pat Levitt, Ph.D., and it is available via subscription; for more information, visit Mind, Brain, and Education.

European Journal of Education

The European Journal of Education publishes high-quality, new research and policy analyses with a keen focus on Europe – though explored from an international perspective. In fact, as an international, peer reviewed publication, the Journal shares results of European research projects and explores major topics of interest to policy makers and international organizations both in Europe and across the world. In addition, the editorial board, led by joint editors Richard Desjardins and Janet Looney, brings together scholars and policy analysts from across Europe, plus representatives of major international organizations.

The Journal is available via institutional subscription.

Journal of Marketing Education

Journal of Marketing Education encourages the exchange of ideas, research results, information and experiences related to educating marketing students. Consequently, topics may include, for example, personal selling and advertising. Edited by Donald R. Bacon, JMD is the leading peer-reviewed, international scholarly journal sharing articles that explore the latest trends in marketing education, focusing on innovative course content, impactful teaching methods and professional challenges.

Subscriptions are available at the Journal of Marketing Education.

British Journal of Sociology of Education

British Journal of Sociology of Education publishes sound scholarly analyses of the relationship between education and society. In fact, this journal has a reputation for directly and matter-of-factly addressing major global discussions about the social significance and impact of educational processes, policy and practice across the globe. Furthermore, the chair of executive editors is David James, and open access options are available for authors; learn more at British Journal of Sociology of Education.

Journal of Education Policy

The Journal of Education Policy publishes fresh, new theoretically sound studies, articles and analyses and provides a forum for debating the creation, implementation and impact of educational policy at all levels and in all facets of education – both formal and informal. Notably, the journal emphasizes theory and analysis of policy that is transposable, that has a broad level of interest and is relevant across various disciplines. The journal also shares original work that presents innovative approaches to research and research studies. In addition, editors are Stephen J. Ball and Ivor Goodson.

This journal allows for open access publication; learn more.

Educational Administration Quarterly

Educational Administration Quarterly publishes with the purpose of sharing important empirical and conceptual content that explores timely and critical policy and leadership challenges within educational institutions. Consequently, EAQ accepts both traditional and innovative research methods, paradigms and issues, and particularly promotes rigorous and salient scholarly work that emphasizes the relationships among educational policy, practice and academic research. In addition, it is available by subscription, and its editorial team is led by Editor Gerardo R. Lopez.

For more information, visit Educational Administration Quarterly.

Social Education Journal

Social Education is an academic publication that combines theoretical research content with practical teaching ideas. Thus, sample content may include guides for using various materials within the classroom, explorations of the latest instructional classroom technology, critiques of various educational media, study of important social studies-related topics and lesson plans that can be used within a broad range of disciplines. Social Education publishes six times per year. In addition, its editor is Michael Simpson, and the publication is available via subscription.

For more information, see Social Education.

International Journal of Music Education

Published by the International Society for Music Education, the International Journal of Music Education is a quarterly, peer-reviewed academic journal. Typical selected content includes original academic works that present empirical research across a wide range of modalities. Thus, the publication exists to augment existing scholarship and knowledge regarding the teaching and learning of music. This journal also has a special focus on international constituencies. In addition, co-editors are Ruth Brittin, Chee-Hoo Lum, Bo Wah Leung and Jane Southcott.

The Journal is available by subscription.

Journal of Philosophy of Education

The Journal of Philosophy of Education publishes content that explores the wide spectrum of philosophical traditions. Consequently, selected submissions may range from examinations of fundamental philosophical challenges within the context of education, to detailed critique of current educational policy and practice from a philosophical viewpoint.

Edited by Bob Davis, the journal exists to encourage rigorous exploration of educational issues and to both reveal and critique the ideological and philosophical influences that currently shape the global education environment. In addition, it is available via subscription; learn more

Health Education Journal

Health Education Journal is a peer-reviewed academic publication that shares rigorous selections exploring health education in terms of its impact on individuals, groups, communities and entire populations that may be vulnerable to and at risk of substantive health challenges. Thus, from an educational vantage point, the journal maintains its focus on activities, interventions and programs that have proven effective across a wide range of contexts. The journal is also published eight times a year by an editorial team led by Peter J. Aggleton.

The Journal is available via subscription.

Journal of Review of Research in Education

Review of Research in Education presents its readers with critical and descriptive analyses covering a wide range of relevant study topics within the broad field of education research. Chiefly employing critical review and synthesizing essays as its methodology, the publication is edited by Gustavo E. Fischman, Jeanne M. Powers and Adai A. Tefera and is available by subscription. In addition, this journal has been published annually since 1973. Learn more at Review of Research in Education

Early Childhood Education Journal

Focusing on early childhood education from birth through age eight, the Early Childhood Education Journal analyzes trends, practices, issues, and policies that directly impact this sector of the education field. In addition, the journal offers scholarly editorial viewpoints, along with  proven practical recommendations.

Thus, its typically accepted content may include discussions of child care programs, equity issues, employer sponsored care or curriculum – along with facilities, child development, multicultural units, health nutrition, advocacy administration, staff development, family-school relationships, special needs, infant/toddler programs, and more.

Furthermore, editor-in-chief of the Journal is Mary Renck Jalongo and some open access options are available for scholars. Learn more.

English Journal

Focusing on English language arts teachers at the junior high, senior high and middle school levels, English Journal presents practical tips and ideas, along with content that explores the effective teaching of reading, writing, literature, and language. In addition, the Journal addresses and exemplifies how some of the field’s best teachers are employing the latest technologies for the good of students in their classrooms. Co-editors are Toby Emert and R. Joseph Rodríguez, and the Journal  is available by subscription. For more information, visit the English Journal.

European Journal of Psychology of Education

The European Journal of Psychology of Education, published on a quarterly basis, emphasizes high-quality, rigorous studies that address relevant psychological aspects of the educational processes. Consequently, selected submissions typically explore how these aspects manifest in various social,  cultural, and institutional contexts. In fact, editors look for selections that utilize a range of theoretical and methodological tools associated with the psychology of education – doing so allows them to provide journal readers with new insights that integrate a wide range of perspectives.

In addition, this publication offers open access options, and its editor-in-chief is Aleksandar Baucal. Learn more.

Journal of Diversity in Higher Education

This quarterly journal offers research findings, theory and promising practices from a multidisciplinary perspective – all with the mission of guiding efforts of higher education institutions as they seek the highest excellence in both diversity and inclusion

To that end, the Journal of Diversity in Higher Education publishes original research, literature reviews and critiques of emerging practices and policies, with the ultimate goal of transforming institutions, inspiring higher education colleagues, engaging campus communities – along with governmental and private sector leaders – and helping to drive culturally competent outcomes across the higher education sector. In addition, this publication offers open access options, and its editor is Roger L. Worthington. For more information, visit the Journal of Diversity in Higher Education.