The Data Journalism Handbook

by Dave

This book gives practical information that reporters can implement immediately. Find out how using data in your articles will take your reporting to the next level. This open-access textbook published by O’Reilly will benefit any student of journalism in our modern data-driven society.

Journalists, want to take your reporting to the next level? Don’t underestimate the power of data to enhance a story or lead you to a new one. The Data Journalism Handbook is for both professionals who need help with data and students taking data journalism courses.

A journalist’s job is to work with words, but numbers can be just as powerful. The Data Journalism Handbook provides a wealth of information for reporters to put into practice. It explains when to seek out data, why it’s important, and what to do with it. Plus, the books shows journalists how to feature data in a way that audiences will react to.

The Data Journalism Handbook

First, The Data Journalism Handbook makes the case for why data is so crucial to a journalist’s job. For example, it can help to illustrate serious issues and hold public officials accountable. Next, it explains some of the technological tools that newsrooms use to work with data. Then, the textbook offers several dozen case studies from news outlets such as BBC News, ABC News, The Guardian, and ProPublica.

The Data Journalism Handbook presents a wide variety of data visualizations that journalists have published, including maps, polling results, effects of natural disasters, and more. These examples are meant to both demonstrate and inspire reporters to enhance their stories with data.

Finally, the book dives into getting, understanding, and delivering data – in that order. Now that the prospective data journalist is excited about the possibilities data has to offer, the book will have them get down to business with tips and advice for doing it on their own.

About the Authors of The Data Journalism Handbook

Dr. Jonathan Gray is a co-founder of the Public Data Lab and a research associate for the University of Amsterdam’s Digital Methods Initiative. In addition, he is a lecturer in critical infrastructure studies at  King’s College in London.

Lucy Chambers is a product consultant at ThoughtWorks in Germany and specializes in information technology and services. She primarily helps journalists use the tool of data, and she was an editor of the first Data Journalism Handbook.

Liliana Bounegru is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Oxford and another co-founder of Public Data Lab. Her research has been featured in several publications, including Harvard Business Review and PBS MediaShift.

Publisher: O’Reilly
License: Attribution-ShareAlike