University Physics Volume 1

Do you find physics difficult? Are you looking for extra assistance? Look no further than University Physics Volume 1. The textbook provides thorough explanations, relevant sample problems, and clean visuals to aid students’ learning in introductory physics courses.

Tackle even the toughest physics topics with University Physics Volume 1. The textbook is the first in a three-volume series, which covers a large scope of material taught in college physics courses. Therefore, Volume 1 really sets the foundation for what’s to come. It mainly focuses on mechanics, sounds, oscillations, and waves, which are basic physics concepts. However, the practices behind these concepts do not feel “basic” for most students. Calculus-based physics poses a challenge for many, as it merges scientific analysis with mathematics. So, the textbook cleanly and clearly presents formulas with ample exhibits for readers to engage with.

University Physics Volume 1

University Physics Volume 1 divides into two units: “Mechanics” and  “Waves and Acoustics.” First, “Mechanics” lays down the groundwork for understanding physics. For example, it discusses topics such as types of motion, Newton’s Laws, kinetic and potential energy, equilibrium, gravitation, and more. This first unit comprises nearly three-quarters of the book. Then, the textbook moves on to “Waves and Acoustics” and explains oscillations, waves, and sound. Both units also break down into several chapters; therefore, readers will build upon their knowledge steadily as they go along. Finally, the textbook concludes with several appendixes for reference.

About the Authors of University Physics Volume 1

Dr. Jeff Sanny holds a Ph.D. in solid state physics from the University of California. He is now a physics professor at Loyola Marymount University, where he has worked for more than 30 years. In this time, he has been a department chair and associate dean at the college. Sanny particularly enjoys teaching introductory physics courses, as well as offering students research opportunities. He runs a research group in space physics for undergraduate students.

Dr. Samuel Ling holds a Ph.D. in chemistry and a Ph.D. in physics, both from Boston University. He was also a research fellow at the Indian Institute of Sciences in Bangalore. Now, he is a physics professor and department chair at Truman State University. Dr. Ling is the author of several research articles, as well as another textbook, A First Course in Vibrations and Waves. He has also earned awards for his collaborative and innovative teaching methods.

Publisher: OpenStax
License: Attribution

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