Education for a Digital World

Are you an educator who needs practical advice and reference materials for teaching in our modern world? How did technology make its way into the educational world, and what are its impacts? What problems has it helped to solve around the world? This open-access textbook explains these questions.

Teaching an online course, but don’t know where to start? All instructors can benefit from Education for a Digital World, a comprehensive guide to digital teaching tools. The book offers practical advice, reference materials, and case studies from around the world.

Education for a Digital World Hirtz Harper

Times are changing, and education is changing with it. Gone are the days when students handed research reports to professors, who then went home with a towering stack of papers. Today, so much communication – and by extension, education – is conducted digitally. Therefore, Education for a Digital World is an essential book for all instructors. Whether you’re teaching online or in person, high school or college, this guide will help you engage with a new generation of students.

First, Education for a Digital World tells a story. How did technology make its way into the educational world? What are its impacts? What problems has it helped to solve around the world? Then, the textbook explains how to prepare an online course and implement technologies. Finally, the book offers concrete advice for E-learning, engaging, and communicating.

Education for a Digital World covers a variety of exciting sub-topics for teachers to tap into. Maybe not everything in the book will work for you, but everyone will find something that resonates with their course material, teaching style, and interests. Some of these include digital design, operating systems, and mobile learning. It also includes copyright information, online teaching standards, media selection, computer game-based learning, and social media for adult online learners and educators.

About the Authors of Education for a Digital World

Sandy Hirtz is an E-learning consultant who helps teachers integrate technology into the classroom. She is based in British Columbia, Canada, and she advocates for accessible, online learning materials. In addition, she is a social media expert, technical writer, and instructional designer. Education for a Digital World was her first publication.

David G. Harper holds a Ph.D. in psychology from Tufts University. He teaches psychology at Harvard Medical School, and he is also the associate research director for McLean Hospital’s Division of Geriatric Psychiatry. His research zeroes in on behavioral symptoms of neurodegenerative illnesses, especially in senior citizens. He has written several journal articles, including He has presented his research national and internationally.

Publisher: BCcampus
License: Attribution-ShareAlike

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