Ebook Conversion Services (Everything You Need to Know)

It’s one thing to write a book, but it’s another thing to get it ready for an eBook format. When getting the final touches on your self-published work, hiring eBook conversion services can help get you ready for the Kindle marketplace and other popular formats.

eBooks are one of the biggest formats for finally getting your book published. For that reason, many find themselves in need of eBook conversion services.

I hear people all the time ask whether or not eBooks are the future, or if print is still considered superior. Well, I’m here to tell you that eBooks are absolutely the future.

Not only that, but the future is now!

eBooks provide authors with the ability to share their thoughts, creative writing, and experience through written word without the hassle of getting published by a major company. A huge part of the industry are eBook conversion services, and you’re going to learn all about this vital resource in this article.

Every eBook starts with an idea.

From there, it’s up to you to get ideas on paper, or in this case, word processor. eBooks are a booming industry because the format provides more people with the opportunity to become a published author.

I know eBook authors from all walks of life, and they owe their professional development prowess and successes to the digital platform.

Of course, writing a book is just part of the process.

Once you finish your book, it’s time to get it in shape for eBook formatting. A lot of authors turn to eBook conversion services to get their book in tip top shape.

In this article, we’ll go over what these services are, why they’re important, and all options at your disposal.

What are Ebook Conversion Services?

When I mention eBook conversion services, I’m referring to a huge sector of the eBook market. A number of companies are primarily involved in the formatting and conversion of eBooks.

I know it might all sound a bit confusing. What sort of formatting do you have to do to make something an eBook? There’s actually quite a bit involved in the process, which is why many hire outside services.

If you have a book written on Microsoft Word, you’re not finished with your eBook. An eBook is formatted in a particular way for the document to be reader-friendly. This involves everything from fonts and margins to the actual type of file used to save the eBook.

Depending on the eBook reader, certain file types are required to make your book accessible from popular apps and devices like Kindle, Nook, and tablets.

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Types of e-book conversion services available

To begin, eBooks are a lot more than the words between the digital cover.

In fact, the cover itself is something a lot of authors have trouble creating and formatting. Combined with the margins, fonts, and spacing required to make your book reader-friendly, I can absolutely see why eBook conversion services are tempting for first-time authors. Lastly, each service revolves around the file conversion needing completion, and can vary depending on your style and word processor.

Word to EPub

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular word processors around the world. Available on both PC and Mac, many authors write their works on Word. For eBook conversion, you’ll need to change your book’s file type from .DOC to the more popular and accessible .ePUB. To do so, many free services provide you the simple ability to convert the file. For a more complete review, paid services also ensure the conversion keeps all your eBook components in place for optimum readability and formatting.

PDF to EPub

I used to think an eBook was simply a PDF file. After doing research, I can assure you that there’s much more to an eBook than a simple PDF conversion. From PDF file type, you can also convert your eBook document into .ePUB, making it accessible on mobile devices and tablets.

InDesign to EPub

For authors who know their way around Adobe Creative Suite, InDesign provides a lot of creative flourishes for your book. Anything from border designs to specific fonts you’ve created are possible thanks to InDesign. For this reason, specific conversion services exist for InDesign files (.INDD) to become .ePUB documents.

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If you already know how to transfer these files to one another, then guess what? You could make some extra money doing the work for others! Many freelancers who know eBook file conversion well work on sites like Upwork and Fiverr to help fellow authors. It’s a nice way to earn a little extra money doing something you already know how to do for your own work.

More on e-book conversion services and why they are important

eBook conversion services are important for a number of reasons.

Firstly, any best selling eBook needs to be formatted professionally to garnish attention and respect. Not to mention, Amazon won’t actively promote eBooks, no matter how search engine friendly their copywriting is, without a “valuable product” being attached.

Secondly, search engines like Google and Bing are the same way.

Lastly, formatting is incredibly important to the eBook marketplace, and getting it right is worth hiring a service.

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PDF Conversion Services

There are plenty of services focused on transferring over PDF documents into eBook formats. There are quite a few reasons you might want to consider hiring someone to do this for you.

For one, the job can be timely and technical.

Without a good eye for it, you might miss things a professional would not. Plus, you know you’ll need these formats to publish your book on websites like Amazon. Getting it right means access to the world’s largest digital marketplaces.

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Quick Ebook Conversion Services

A lot of eBook conversion services online market themselves as “quick.” It’s a great option when you’re on a tight timeline. There are a few things to consider, however. For one, quick usually means a fast turnaround takes precedent over thoroughness.

No matter how good the service is, they’ll still be prioritizing time over quality.

Because of the quick turnaround, you’ll likely find higher prices for some quick eBook conversion sites. In honesty, hey might even overcharge you.

It’s best to keep an eye on what the pricing is for the industry altogether, which is something we’ll touch on next.

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Ebook Conversion Services Cost

Budget eBook conversion sites are going to hover around $49 for a book under 150 pages on Word. For more reputable conversion services, you will likely find charges near $150-$200 for thorough conversions. Some might even attempt to charge you $300 or more for books over 250 pages on Word. Overall, price comes down to two things.

Firstly, the price increases for a conversion service depending on total pages in need of work.

Secondly, the price increases if you include non-word content like pictures, graphs, and charts.

These things can be tougher to format and always increases the cost.

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Best Ebook Conversion Services

In short, three eBook conversion services are considered the top of the top. Firstly, Alpha eBook is a top choice for authors old and new. Overall, the company prioritizes its customers’ individual needs very well. In short, you never feel like just another client. Secondly, Print2eforms is a popular way to get your eBook digital marketplace-ready. It’s a trusted source for all eBook file types, and very well respected among digital authors.

Lastly, Bookbaby is a great eBook service company that does it all. Not only does the company convert your file for you, but they also work in distribution. The company has multiple ways, including price points, to help with your eBook.

In short, there are a lot of options for eBook publishing services.

These three just so happen to be the best on the market. Plus, there’s always the option to try it yourself as well. For more on that, keep reading below!

Read How to Do It – The 4 Best Books for E-Book Publishing

Firstly, it’s important to know the ins and outs of the eBook publishing world. Before getting into the practice of publishing your own electronic book, why not learn from the experts? We’ve handpicked four of the best books on Amazon for eBook publishing for you to check out. These titles serve as guides to writing and formulating your eBook. Plus, they cover how to properly format your work, as well as overview eBook conversion services. Follow the links to view the book on Amazon from desktop or mobile devices!

A Complete “How To” Guide for Rookie Writers

A Complete 22How To22 Guide for Rookie Writers

In short, there are a ton of aspects to writing a book. From editing and formatting to content creation, a first-time book writer might feel a little overwhelmed. In A Complete “How To” Guide for Rookie Writers, author Robin Murphy presents all the details and nuances of writing a book in an accessible and beginner-friendly manner. As you learn, you’ll also feel inspired to work harder, write more, and achieve that dream you’ve always longed for: writing your own book!

From tips to expert techniques, tackle your first book with the help of an expert in the writing industry!

As an author of nonfiction, mystery novels, and women’s literature hits, Robin Murphy is a trusted resource in the world of writing and publishing. On top of her own works, she regularly travels as a speaker and lecturer on authorship and self-publishing. There’s no better place to start as a rookie writer than her complete guide to the ins and outs of finishing your first book!

Formatting Your Fantastic Book

Formatting Your Fantastic Book

The dread of formatting an eBook is enough to scare off some would-be successful authors. Instead of fearing the process of formatting your eBook, achieve a professional look to your work while feeling confident in your craft with Mary Korte’s Formatting Your Fantastic Book. The stereotypes surrounding formatting aren’t always positive. Learning the ins and outs of eBook formatting with Mary Korte is actually fun, and helps to allow you to let go of technical writing stress and turn your work into professional material.

Instructional manual-style learning in a fun, easy fashion for newcomers to the eBook formatting process!

In conclusion, what makes Korte’s book stand out above the other guides to formatting is her fun, friendly way of delivering information. Rather than simply list how to properly format your book, the author walks you through the reasoning in an accessible way. Best of all, a few rounds of following her steps, and you’ll be a formatting pro ready to prepare your eBook for self-publishing and selling!

Self-Publishing with Amazon (4 Books in 1)

Self Publishing with Amazon 4 Books in 1

Make waves on the world’s largest digital marketplace with this collection of books on self-publishing with Amazon!

Firstly, self-publishing is a huge trend in today’s book world. It goes without saying that Amazon is a huge part of that trend. The market literally boomed thanks to the easy-to-use and list method of publishing works on Amazon. In a collection of works from Amazon publishing expert Chris McMullen, Self-Publishing with Amazon (4 Books in 1) is sort of a greatest hits of information you need to know in order to master Amazon’s marketplace. If you plan on owning the eBook world, then this is the book for you!

Updated as recently as 2019, McMullen’s works have helped countless authors tackle self-publishing. If you’re interested in Amazon as a way to get your book out into the world, then this is a perfect place to begin your journey!

Unlocking the Secrets of E-Book Publishing

Unlocking the Secrets of E Book Publishing

It’s one thing to publish your eBook, but sometimes good isn’t good enough. To be great, you’ll want to master the ins and outs of eBook publishing to set yourself up for success. Doris Elaine Booth’s Unlocking the Secrets of E-Book Publishing is a versatile and easy read for selling your eBook on Amazon and through other channels. Because the book covers so much, it’s a one stop resource for finding how to best master your niche and grow your brand.

Perfect for newcomers and seasoned writers moving into the digital world, this book is a treasure trove of useful information. Cover your basics and learn how eBook sellers think to set yourself up for success.

With or without Amazon, master eBook publishing and sales with the secrets to becoming the next big thing!

E-book Conversion FAQ

We’ve outlined a ton of great resources for eBook conversion services and publishing tools. From courses to books, you have options as you learn the ins and outs of the digital book world. That being said, how about a lightning round? Here are some of the top questions you might have ahead of learning all about eBook conversion and publishing.

What is the best eBook converter?

The most trusted eBook converter is the Kindle Auto eBook Converter. Authors love its ability to convert HTML, PDF, and LIT files into the MOBI, the Kindle-friendly format that connects your book to thousands of readers. For the popular ePUB file type, authors also love Calibre.

How do I turn a PDF into an eBook?

If you want to turn a PDF into an eBook, then you don’t need much more than eBook conversion services or programs. In short, any program like Calibre can make the transition for your file. The trick is making sure you’ve completed pre-conversion edits to your file to ensure a properly formatted final product.

Is a PDF An eBook?

If you think every PDF is an eBook, then think again. PDF files are a digital print-style document, but they are not automatically formatted like an eBook. To achieve this, make sure to convert your PDF into an eBook using eBook conversion services or software.

How do I convert eBooks to Kindle?

Kindle requires eBook files to be in MOBI format for optimum readability. To do this, you’ll want to do two things. Firstly, format your book properly in a word processor. Lastly, use eBook conversion services like Calibre or Kindle Auto eBook Converter to translate your file into MOBI.


Many dream of becoming an author.

Luckily for you, long gone are the days of hoping a publisher discovers your work in a heap of manuscripts. Why wait on someone else when you’re ready to publish your eBook now?

Self-publishing is continuing to become a top resource for authors ready to distribute and sell their books to the world. Thanks to eBook conversion services and software, you can get your book looking professional all on your own.

Curious about more tips for publishing your own articles, books, and courses? Explore Dave4Math and the articles on the website for all things professional development and self-publishing!

To sum up, are you considering writing your own eBook? If so, how might eBook conversion services help you get your project finished?

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