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Mathematics is related to everything we do. In this blog, I explore many topics throughout the sciences and humanities. Topics in the humanities include history, languages, law, literature, philosophy, theology, and the visual and performing arts. Subject areas in the sciences include the applied sciences, formal sciences, natural sciences, and social sciences. For instance, I discuss many engineering areas, including aerospace, chemical, civil, electrical, materials, and mechanical engineering.

In this blog, I also discuss several subjects in the natural sciences: including biology, chemistry, earth sciences, physics, and the space sciences. And many areas in the social sciences such as anthropology, economics, education, geography, library science, political science, psychology, and sociology.

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Connect With Dave: Using Social Media to Promote Math

Are you interested in mathematics? Whether you’re a professional mathematician or a beginning student, if you’re looking to connect with Dave, you’re in the right place. In this article, I go through each of the social media platforms on which I’m promoting mathematics. I also discuss each platform’s benefits and how I use it to educate and encourage mathematical exploration.

The Best Facebook Pages for Mathematics cup of coffee on laptop with facebook

The Best Facebook Pages for Mathematics (Who to Follow)

In this article, I discussed the 10 best Facebook pages related to mathematics. For each Facebook fan page, I run through why you should be a follower. Of course, these are pages that have tons of engagement about mathematics. So, find out what makes these pages so intriguing.

The Best LinkedIn Pages for Mathematics Laptop with LinkedIn logo on the screen Modern workplace conceptual editorial 3D rendering

The Best LinkedIn Pages for Mathematics (Who to Follow)

In this article, I show you the 10 best LinkedIn pages related to mathematics. For each page, I run through exactly why it made the list. First, each page must have published at least one post in the last year. Second, each of the pages is primarily involved with helping promote mathematics throughout the world. Each of these LinkedIn pages must have at least 3K followers and lots of engagements. Find out what makes these LinkedIn pages the ones to follow.

The Best Instagram Accounts for Mathematics White smartphone lying on table with Instagram website screen open next to a pen notepad and coffee mug business communication concept

The Best Instagram Accounts for Mathematics (Who to Follow)

Before running through the 13 best Instagram accounts related to mathematics, I explain to you how I formed this list. First, the accounts needed to have made at least one post in the last year. Secondly, these are Instagram accounts that are primarily engaged in promoting enthusiasm for mathematics. And each one has at least 1K followers and has lots of engagement by other people. I also walk through one of the most commented post for each account.

The Best Twitter Accounts for Mathematics White smartphone Growth analyzing

The Best Twitter Accounts for Mathematics (Who to Follow)

In this article, I run through the 52 best Twitter accounts related to mathematics. For each channel, I talk about how often they tweet and their engagement with their audience. I also talked about how many followers they have and their most retweeted tweets from the past year. Find out what makes these accounts so interesting.

The Best YouTube Channels for Mathematics back view of woman using laptop with youtube website

The Best YouTube Channels for Mathematics (Who to Follow)

In this article, I talk about the 25 best YouTube channels for mathematics. For each YouTube channel, I run through what topics the channel covers, how the mathematics is presented, and where. Other statistics, such as publishing rate and video length, are also discussed. Finally, I talk about viewership and engagement for each channel.

How to Write a Professional Bio yoga figure against a space background and a planet Earth. Elements of this image furnished by NASA 1 scaled 1

How to Write a Professional Bio

Writing a professional bio is essential for contributors. The information in a bio helps readers learn more about a writer and their affiliations. Likewise, the biography serves as a connection between the author and the audience. Read about the best ways to craft a bio for contributors. Plus, learn tips about the best things to include in your short and full-length biographies.

Actuarial Science Insurance concept black text Actuary under the piece of torn paper scaled 1

What Is an Actuary?

Actuaries work to analyze the risk everyone experiences in daily life. From threats to cars and houses to actual human danger, the profession puts statistics behind everyday life threats. Learn more about this profession and what makes it so crucial to our lives. Plus, explore articles and topics on the subject.

Accountant Business Team Working Accounting Correspondence Concept scaled 1

What Is an Accountant?

What does an accountant do, and why is it such an essential job in the business world? In short, the profession is in charge of keeping all costs and revenue balanced for a company to ensure a business can survive. It’s a meaningful career path with many perks, including an excellent salary.

Accounting Business concept Business people discussing the charts and graphs showing the results of their successful teamwork scaled 1

About Accounting and Why Is It Important

Accountants allow businesses to manage money responsibly and grow effectively. There are several reasons to hire an accountant one’s personal life too. The role is essential to both the consumer and business economy that the job market is always growing. Find out more about this crucial profession.

Contributor Guidelines for Blog Articles A crowd of people representing the writer influence the readers scaled 1

Contributor Guidelines (Share Your Expertise)

Contributor guidelines help ensure the quality of work on a website. Read about what goes into the creation of contributor instructions and why they are essential. Find out what expectations apply to a contributor on a website or blog. Plus, find out what guidelines exist to become a contributor to Dave4Math.

Contributors Many people on world map scaled 1


A contributor helps to provide insight and expert knowledge to readers of all backgrounds. The best contributors help to teach others vital information about their profession to prepare future careers and minds. Read about what requirements exist to become a contributor to Dave4Math. Plus, find out what ways a contributor can style their work for blogs and online learning sites.

Natural Sciences Books Science and universe background scaled 1

What are the Social Sciences?

The social sciences provide humans with insights into the role relationships and community play in society. The broad range of subjects within the more significant discipline determines what social groups achieve together and what helps them excel. Exploring these subjects aids in increasing the understanding people have of communication, history, and progress. Learn more about this essential subject here.

Natural Sciences Botany Bay Plantation Dirt Road Marsh Oak Trees Tunnel with spanish moss scaled 1

What are the Natural Sciences?

Everything on Earth that occurs naturally is a mystery to humanity. To build an understanding of these phenomena, some professionals study the natural sciences. These subjects exist to help humans investigate the things that society can observe yet not explain. The issue features many branches of study and uses the scientific method to find proof in credible hypotheses.

Formal Sciences Senior women as math lecturer in university lecture hall scaled 1

What are the Formal Sciences?

Scholars discuss the formal sciences regularly in research, but too few people know the simple meaning of this branch of academia. Explore the fields of study in this subject and find out which disciplines fall under this umbrella. Also, explore why these branches hold great importance to society. What are the Formal Sciences?

Business meeting concept Young businessman crew working with new startup project in modern loft. Generic design notebook on wood table talking smartphone

What Is Business and Why Is It Important

Business is the primary function of someone providing goods and services to make a profit. The world runs on the principles of this subject. It’s essential to learn the definition of the topic. Plus, read about different types of business that help to explain the importance of the study.

Aerospace engineering pieces of aircraft machinery at the barrack inside scaled 1

What Is Aerospace Engineering and Why Is It Important

Aerospace engineering makes space exploration and other flight projects possible. Discover what requirements go into studying aerospace engineering and what salary professionals make in the field. Learn all about this exciting career and new trends in the subject.

Operations Management Business People Team Applauding Achievement Concept. scaled 1

What Is Operations Management? (A Quick Overview)

Operations management jobs help ensure every aspect of production and distribution goes smoothly. The position ensures the success of many goods and services businesses around the country. Explore various examples of the field of work and why this field continues to grow every year. Plus, find out more about different career opportunities in the area.

Business Management Mature businessman turing around in a meeting looking at the camera and getting a headshot taken. scaled 1

What is Business Management? (An Introduction)

Business management studies help to prepare professionals to run and manage their own business. Whether a career includes starting a business from the ground up or running one for someone else, the skills are necessary for a competitive business climate. Find out what goes into the study of business management and what tools students have to pursue the subject.

Finance Financial accounting investment advisor consulting with her team at office background scaled 1

What Is Finance and Why Is It Important

Finance is a crucial field of study if you wish to become successful. Understanding investments and money management is an essential element for many profitable professionals and businesses. Discover the best ways to explore finance and the importance of reading articles on the subject. Plus, learn about different types of investment and why each is essential to understand.

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