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The benefits of better math skills for everyone.

Math provides us a way to understand patterns, to quantify relationships, and to predict the future. Everything is connected.

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Dave is available to help anyone interested in asking questions or inquiring about the website. The best way to reach him is by email using the form below.

The contact us page for Dave4Math is where users can ask questions about becoming a contributor and inquire about the website’s features. This page is also for students who may want to use the site and get more information about resources and services. Likewise, professionals can contact us to inquire about the publication process for educational blogs. This page can help anyone who has questions about the content or Dave4Math community.

There are several uses for you to explore, and depending on why you’re visiting, you may choose to use Dave4Math differently. For any questions from students, professionals, or media about the Dave4Math community, reasons to contribute, and how to use the site, be sure to contact us. Anyone from students to professional contributors can feel free to reach out to us with questions and feedback about the site. The remainder of this article covers a few of the instances and reasons you might want to contact us.

Top 5 reasons to contact us

  1. I’m a reporter or have a job in the media. Reporters might want information on the website for a story regarding Dave4Math. We are open to sharing information with you to help spread the word about its goals.
  2. I represent a news company. Every so often, news companies reach out to learn more about the website. In short, there may be current event articles you want us to check out to inform our readers of the latest occurrences.
  3. I want to report a correction. Sometimes a reader finds a fact or article that includes a misprint or false statement. It’s helpful to link the article that needs correcting and provide evidence that the fact should be changed.
  4. I want to report a technical issue. From time to time, our users spot something on the website that isn’t working correctly. If you find one of these technical issues that pop up from time to time, please let us know.
  5. I want to contact Dave4Math for some other reason. If you don’t land in one of the categories above, then don’t worry. You can still contact Dave4Math with questions, comments, or concerns you might have.

In short, we want to hear from our users on how the site is working, how we can promote sharing knowledge, and what you enjoy.

Why contact Dave4Math?

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Dave4Math exists to help everyone learn. We understand the importance of freely accessible information in the form of online articles written to advance our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Dave4Math publishes academic, educational, and informative articles online. If you’re a professional (such as a professor, doctor, lawyer, etc.), we would love to hear from you. Contact us and find out how you can contribute to our mission of helping the public advance their knowledge and help professionals publish their work.

Dave4Math is dedicated to furthering professional development while helping to build a supportive and collaborative community.

If you’re used to the format of academic journals, then you might be unsure about blogging. There are several advantages to utilizing sites like this one. Firstly, students use Dave4Math to supplement their studies with conversational content. Writing in a more casual voice can improve your versatility and confidence as a professional. Additionally, blogging opens you up to new audiences and helps you practice concise writing. If these reasons interest you, then we encourage you to contact us. If you’re still unsure whether contributing to the site is right for you, please pick up the conversation by getting in touch.

Contact us to get your work reviewed.

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We review textbooks and other types of educational books of the highest quality and distribute these reviews worldwide. Contact Dave4Math and find out how you can get your work evaluated.


Students use Dave4Math to supplement their course work. If you have a book review on this site, then you could reach new readers in your target audience. Obtaining book reviews can help to promote your content to a broader audience. Contributors can provide our editorial team with excellent content to support your work. They will write a summary and highlight important aspects of the book, using quotes and a rating. Critical reviews can be a great way to earn more attention for your work in an organic way. These are crucial to providing insight into why readers may benefit from your book. Contact Dave today to begin a conversation about reviewing your work.

Many readers of Dave4Math are either in school studying a subject or looking to jump back into the educational experience. For students in a college course, finding and learning with additional electronic books can supplement their curriculum. Students using Dave4Math sometimes contact us about the best ways to tackle difficult calculus and linear algebra subjects. The quality of content in the reviews on our site makes it easy for students to master challenging topics and interact with the authors.

Publishing reviews on Dave4Math now is a faster and more economical way of sharing your work. Plus, you reach a global audience who wants to expand their knowledge.

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How do students use Dave4Math?

If a student can’t take a course in a subject with which they have an interest, then our articles might be their best way of studying the topic at the moment. If a professional can put together a collection of content on a subject, students can utilize their insights to understand complex issues better.

We enable students to study anytime, anyplace and empower educators to publish their expertise.

Blogs and online learning resources can be some of the most useful tools for students. Blogs provide authenticity to the content that makes it easier to read and comprehend. Likewise, the informal tone of these articles keeps content light and provides students with enjoyable readings.

Additionally, some students need help but don’t enjoy the judgment or pressure of office hours. Instead of feeling inadequate for needing extra help, Dave4Math provides you with the information you need to help you become confident. Plus, you can build social skills and self-confidence in your studies by commenting on articles and interacting with other users. Contact us to start a conversation about how Dave4Math can help you.

About the Dave4Math community

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The Dave4Math online community helps professionals advance their expertise by offering articles on self-publishing services and feedback. If you’re looking for a guided self-publishing experience, find out which types of services your work needs.

If you know the benefits of online learning, you know it is developing into a leading force in education. Learning can occur anywhere, anytime, and in any part of your life’s journey, thanks to online resources.

The best way to learn is the way that works for you. 

There are plenty of options on Dave4Math to learn the way you’d like to learn. Plus, professionals have options in terms of feedback and comments for others. The Dave4Math community is the social hub for all of these efforts. Contact Dave4Math to discuss the full extent of our community.

The best part of an online community is the collaboration that occurs between all learners. Articles allow for discussions of deeper elements and thoughts in the comments. Plus, you can reach out to others to help build collaborative relationships. Between networking and furthering knowledge, the Dave4Math community is a priceless resource. While it’s free, the return is excellent for both professionals and students. If you’re ready to start learning or teaching others, all in the name of developing a better understanding of education’s most essential subjects, then Dave4Math is for you. The key to a thriving community like this is a constant flow of new scholars and original ideas. Be sure to read today!

Contact Dave4Math FAQ

If there any reasons you might want to contact us, then don’t hesitate! Read some more information about getting in touch with Dave4Math.

What is the best way to contact Dave4Math?

The email address (dave@dave4math.com) is the best way. Some information on reasons to contact Dave is listed above. Users can explore these topics and then start a conversation via email. The Dave4Math team works hard to return inquiries in a timely matter.

What are the top 5 reasons to contact Dave4Math?

If you would like to find out more about: 1) our readers, 2) our mission, 3) your potential contributions, 4) technical issues with the site including corrections, or 5) reviews of educational content, then you should contact us. It’s best to bring up any questions or concerns in a single email to respond to all inquiries in a timely fashion adequately.

How fast will Dave4Math respond?

Usually, Dave4Math will respond by email within 24 hours or 1-2 business days. The site encourages contributors and students to reach out anytime they have a question or comment. With many asking for or giving feedback, the turn around time can vary on the volume of emails coming in, so Dave4Math appreciates your patience.


Contact us with any comments, inquiries, or concerns you have about Dave4Math content or resources. I know every member of our editorial team is eager to hear from you. If you want, you can include things you enjoy about the site as well. We always look to improve how contributors and students can use Dave4Math more effectively. Overall, feel free to bring any information to us that you think might benefit the Dave4Math community.

What should I do if I find something in need of correction? Email us at the address on this page to tell us what might need a second look. We appreciate it if you provide us with references or evidence for the correction.

Can contributors reach out after their article goes live? Contributors who work with Dave4Math or have in the past can reach out at any time via our email address. If you want to start providing content as a contributor, you can also send us an email about your work and credentials.

Can students currently in high school or college reach out with questions? Anytime students who use Dave4Math have a question, we encourage them to email us. We are always available to help in a timely fashion.