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Calculus 1 students in a lecture for a calculus class scaled 1

Calculus 1 & 2

Enter the World of Calculus

Calculus is a broad, well-developed subject, so where do we start? With limits! Calculus begins with limits and continuity of functions. In this article, I take the reader on a tour of the Calculus. Calculus is an exciting journey, so let’s get started.

calculus 3

Calculus 3

The Best Way to Get Started

In Calculus 3, I begin with vector functions of one variable. After that, I cover the calculus of multivariable functions, including limits, partial differentiation, and extrema. A detailed look at multiple integration and then ending with a look at vector calculus.

Elementary Number Theory Get Started Here Golden ratio 3d rendering

Number Theory

Get Started Here

Number Theory has a long and exciting history. From divisibility and mathematical induction to Euler’s theorem and solving polynomial congruence equations, Number Theory can be both highly practical and applicable yet also extremely difficult and abstract.

linear algebra

Linear Algebra

Get Started Here

Are you looking to advance in mathematics and maybe even scientific disciplines? Like calculus, linear algebra is crucial to scientists and engineers, playing a pivotal role in modern advancements. We use both theory and examples to help you learn the power of this valuable tool.

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Our courses are designed and taught by an experienced professional. Dave has educated over 10,000 students at the junior college and university levels. Dave has earned both Student of the Year and Professor of the Year awards. 

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What My Students Have to Say

math testimonials

The professor really challenges confident students while encouraging those less so. He is very engaging and the lessons he teaches are clear and engaging. His expectations were clear and his assessments were very fair. Thoroughly enjoyed the class.

– Calculus Student​​

math testimonials

I liked the way the course was planned out. Kept consistency for the class and had a good pace. Definitely gives you an appreciation for all of the hard work put into mathematics before our time. Overall exceptional class.

– Linear Algebra Student​

math testimonials

I felt that the class was very well developed and planned out. I think some of the concepts were hard to grasp but the professor did a really good job of explaining topics and being available if further help was needed.

– Number Theory Student​

math testimonials

Prof. Smith is very fun professor and I have always enjoyed having him as a professor, this semester included. He knows the subject material very well and explains his expectations on what you need to know for any quiz or exam beforehand.

– Precalculus Student​